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He Had An Innocent Conversation With A Bikini-Clad Woman And His Wife Read Him The Riot Act. Now, He’s Wondering Which Of Them Is In The Wrong.

by Abby Jamison

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Flirty, jealousy, cheating… these are all serious concerns in a relationship.

For this husband, his wife accused him of flirting with a woman on the beach and won’t let it go.

So, they took to Reddit.

Let’s get the full story…

AITAH – For talking to a girl in bikini on a beach

My wife (35F) is making me (37M) write this post.

She feels my behavior during our vacation was completely inappropriate, while I think that it was completely acceptable and she is wrong.

She loves this subreddit and wants for all of you to weigh in on our debate and solve this issue for us.

We have been married for 7 years and have a 3-year-old toddler.

A few weeks ago, we went to Miami for a vacation and had a fun time. On the second day on the beach, we were relaxing on the beach chairs.

My son and I were playing on the beach, while my wife was soaking in the sun.

This is when trouble strikes…

I must add here that I love her very much and she is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on.

At one point, my son wanted to build a sand-castle, and I took him to the wet sand near the water with all his plastic toys.

While he was playing, a lady (mid-thirties) walked up to us and told me how cute my son is. I smiled and said thanks.

She was looking towards the water constantly, and I think her kids must be in the water and she was watching them.

Now, according to my wife, she was wearing a completely inappropriate, over the top bikini that left nothing for imagination.

According to me, I did not notice what she was wearing and have no comments.

She was trying to make small talk and was asking me about my son’s name, how old he is, where we are from, etc.

I was also polite and had a brief conversation with her.

His wife didn’t like that…

We talked about where we are from, how long we were in Miami, etc. Finally, my son had enough, and he wanted to go back.

So, I said bye and came back and sat next to my wife. The whole conversation may have lasted for less than 10 minutes.

My wife was not happy with me talking to this lady.

She kept on telling me how inappropriate it was to talk to “that girl in the tiny bikini” and that she was trying to flirt with me.

I told her what we talked about, and it was not even remotely flirty.

I told her that this is common and when my son is with me in the park or other places, he gets a lot of attention from other moms, and they always come and have a chat.

My wife has seen this play out before and never had a problem with it.

My wife thinks that this is different because that girl was in a very revealing bikini, and I as a married man should know better than talking to her.

We saw that lady a few other times during our stay, and I cut our conversation short every time she tried to talk to me.

My wife cannot let this go. She thinks that I should admit that it’s different to talk to a girl in a social setting vs when she is in a bikini on a beach.

They can’t come to an agreement…

I feel having small talk with someone is fine irrespective of their state of dress or undress.

So, dear reddit forum, please settle this debate for us.

Is my wife correct that I am the a******* for talking to a girl when she is wearing a bikini, or she is being unfair to that lady when she was wearing an appropriate outfit for the place where she was?

Note that my wife will also be reading the replies, so please be nice when telling her how wrong she is.

The wife has something to say…

Wife here: I think he wrote this post omitting key details. The girl on beach was clearly flirting and leaning too close to him.

She may not have said it explicitly, but you could see she was interested.

She also kept on popping up in resort restaurant, bar and lobby after this incident and tried to keep on talking him through the week.

It was disrespectful as she did not say a single word to me the whole time.

I am not saying my husband was flirting with her, but he should have read her body language and shut her down.

Plus, there are bikinis and there was her bikini. Something with her was clearly off.

Let’s see what the comments think…

This commenter wasn’t sympathetic to the wife.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another Reddit user makes some valid points.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Overall, the comments all agreed!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Well, it looks like we’ve solved this marital issue!

Score one for the clueless husbands.

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