June 10, 2024 at 9:46 pm

His Neighbor Wants To Replace A $7,500 Fence With A Cheap One To Accommodate Their Pool, But He Wants Them To Take A Different Approach

by Ashley Ashbee

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Some neighbors do a lot of things that require the residents next door to spend money to make it work.

What happens if after you spend that money on a high-end fence and the neighbor wants to tear it down to build something else?

Keep reading to see why this neighbor is angry.

WIBTA if my neighbor wants to rip out a fence I just put in for $7500 so he can put in a less nice fence and a pool and I said no?

I bought a fence around my yard because my neighbor cheaped out and put bushes around his yard with giant gaps for mowers to get through.

Sometimes you need to take initiative to make things right.

We both have dogs so I had to buy a fence.

Now he wants to rip 1/3 of my fence out because he wants a pool and needs a code-compliant fence.

But sometimes your solution doesn’t work for your neighbors.

Would I be the ******* for saying no?

He’s trying to avoid paying for a cage around his pool by messing with my fence instead.

The one side of my fence I just paid $7500 for wouldn’t match the other two sides, and I’d be connecting to his fence.

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I can’t stand when people are cheap at someone’s expense, so I found this really satisfying.

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Yay an adult suggestion! Ha those are a bit rare here.

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I’m not a betting woman, but would bet the answer is no.

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It’s weird to me when people want you to do them a favor while screwing you over.

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Only a few people had money-related questions. I’d also wonder if his proposal could depreciate OP’s property.

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Some people just like to be difficult.

Neighbors are such a crapshoot.

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