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He Let His Daughter And Her Spouse Live In His House For Free. When He Decided To Sell It They Made Him Regret His Generosity.

by Heide Lazaro

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Imagine making your home look more attractive and comfortable, spending money and effort to improve certain parts of your house.

And then, suddenly, your landlord tells you they’re selling it in 6 months.

What would you feel?

This story is about a homeowner letting his daughter and her spouse live at his house for free temporarily.

When it’s time to sell the house, the couple gets enraged.

AITA for selling my home that I was allowing my daughter to stay in for free even though she did some upgrades to it

I inherited a home years ago from my mother. It was overall outdated, but in good condition.

It is five hours away from where I live.

My daughter (26) and her husband fell on hard times, and I allowed her to move in about 2 years ago for free. It is near the city they work at.

I paid for everything, and was letting them use it to get back on their feet.

He shared some guidelines with his daughter and son-in-law.

I informed them they can make changes to the home, just not to take out walls or any huge stuff.

The last time I was at the home, was about a year ago, and it just looked like they painted.

He was thinking of selling the house.

The house is causing issues for my finances now, and I have had multiple people reach out to me to sell.

I also want to sell it since I am tired of seeing the home. It just reminds me of my mom, and that she is gone.

So being a landlord isn’t good for my mental health.

So I decided to sell. I informed my daughter that they have 6 months to find a new place.

His daughter got pissed.

This started an argument. She apparently put in a lot of upgrades such as redoing the stairs, kitchen, and are in the middle of the bathroom.

That I am screwing them over, and that now the house is worth more.

She called me a jerk for this, and I reminded them I gave them two years of free housing.

I am on the fence and want more opinions.

So, let’s see how other users react to this.

This user says family should be the priority.

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Here’s a suggestion from a user.

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And another piece of advice.

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Uh oh! Some harsh reality here.

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Or maybe we really need more information about the story.

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Think about what’s more important to you: your family or the financial gains from selling the house?

Maybe being right isn’t always what’s important.

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