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His In-laws Supported His Unemployed BIL And Not His Wife, But When Refused To Spend Time With Them She Was Not Impressed

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Would you care if your BIL had more privileges than your wife?

Well it’s pretty subjective but this guy has a strong feeling against his in-laws for not being even with his wife.

The thing is, it doesn’t seem to bother her nearly so much.

Let’s check out the full story!

AITA for not wanting to visit my wife’s grandparents after they gave my brother-in-law (BIL) a 50K truck?

My BIL is a 28M with no job who lives in my in-law’s basement. He is obese and survives off of welfare cheques from the Canadian government.

He is capable of working but chooses not to.

His wife seems more competent..

My wife on the other hand (26F) moved out at 18, self-funded a degree, works in a good field (80K annually), got married, and has never sought a hand-out from her parents or her grandparents even though they both have the means.

We spent our vacation time the last two years visiting her grandparents who live across the country.

But she is taken for granted.

Recently her grandparents (85), moved out of their house and into retirement living and no longer had space for both of their vehicles.

Her grandpa decided to gift my BIL a truck with a fair value of $50,000.

His justification was to “help him build confidence” and “give him something to care for.”

My wife was given nothing and they did not do anything to even out the gift.

They had something in mind

We have a trip planned to visit them in a few months, but I have no interest in going to see them.

I am mad at myself for letting money ruin my perception of them, but I do not appreciate how my wife was treated.

I feel they take her for granted.

They do all they can

We always go out of our to visit them. All of our trips are self-funded. We have never asked anything of them while lots of her cousins have been bailed out financially.

I just have an icky feeling about the whole thing.

She didn’t like his POV.

My wife got upset when I told her I wanted to do something else with our vacation time. She got really upset and it led to an argument.

She took the stance we have to enjoy our time with them while we have it.

My wife and I are currently saving for our first house, paying off student loans, and saving for our first child.

Things are a little rough.

We still drive my very first car I bought 10 years ago. The situation stings, as we could have used the help, while her brother lives a free ride and gets nothing but help all the time.

AITA for not wanting to see my wife’s grandparents because of this?

Yikes! That must’ve felt bad. No help and now a fight with the wife.

Let’s see if the Reddit community thinks he is right.

This person thinks its not his business to care what the in laws do with their money.

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This person thinks it isn’t worth wasting energy on other people’s business.

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This person thinks the guy’s concern is sweet.

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This person wants him to stay out of his own way.

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This person has some questions for the OP.

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The commentators are divided!

But minding your own business is almost never the wrong choice.

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