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He Was Ridiculed Because Of His Caste Level In India, But He Got The Last Laugh When He Became Successful

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Unsplash/@rahul9030

Are y’all ready for a revenge story that will make you want to stand up and clap?

Well, all I can say is…you’re in the right place!

Take a look at this person’s story and we dare you not to smile.

My cousin’s revenge on people who wanted to beat him up.

“This happened in India nearly 45 years ago.

My family belongs to a backward or lower caste. India’s caste system is horrible and hasn’t changed in years despite so many attempts at it. People are still casteist and are terrible to those they perceive of lower caste.

This story takes place in a Southern state of India, Kerala. Today Kerala is known for its excellence in education and healthcare. But there was a time this state was drenched in caste system and caste related atrocities.

Things weren’t good back then.

It was total madness. Post independence from the Brits and good governance by state government, especially the left leaning parties, great strides were made to fix caste issues. But not everyone was happy with this. By that I mean the upper caste.

People in my state, especially those of old money have huge traditional homes with land and traditional ponds, which are used to swim and bathe. When he was a teenager, my cousin accidentally ventured into the property of an upper caste family and fell into their pond.

This wasn’t good…

My cousin managed to get out and once they figured out who it was they were enraged, not just because he trespassed but also because according to them he polluted the water with his presence in it. Any lower caste person touching an upper caste person’s belongings pollutes it. So they got mad at him and wanted to beat him up.

My cousin was backed by his family and members of his caste. This resulted in a mini caste war. Before things could get to a riot level, members of the local community were able to simmer things down. But my cousin never forgot what happened.

Fast forward to today…

45 years years later, the upper caste family is no longer as powerful or influencial. 20 years ago their arrogance caught up with them. Most members of that family lost their money to alcohol and extravagant lifestyles.

A few years ago a member of that same family that wanted to beat by cousin begged him to buy a piece of their land as they badly needed the money.

My cousin bought the land he accidentally trespassed on years ago along with the pond he fell in. They were reluctant to sell it but my cousin settled for nothing else and made them sell it for the lowest value.

He even got his friends to block other buyers. They finally sold it to him and now he is their neighbour.

The people who wanted to beat him ended up begging him for deliverance. I love this revenge story.”

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Talk about some epic revenge!

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