June 10, 2024 at 10:11 pm

He Was Tired Of His Wife Always Volunteering Him For Handyman Projects, But Now He’s Wondering If It’s Worth The Drama

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s very common for women for women to be “Yes” people because we’re conditioned to never say no, don’t rock the boat and put everyone else first.

But the woman married to the person who wrote this story took this too far and started saying “Yes” on behalf of her husband.

He eventually stopped it completely, but it wasn’t easy.

Keep reading to see the fallout from his assertiveness.

AITA For telling my wife to “Do it herself” after she volunteered me to help my neighbors again?

My wife is a SAHM and is active in the kids school and the neighborhood. She likes the neighbors, but I avoid them.

They are primarily nosy 50-something single ladies who always ask me to do stuff, especially after finding out my dad was a handyman and I used to help him as a teenager.

Of course, I decline.

Since I avoid them they have taken to telling my wife about issues with their house.

His kindness was not rewarded and it got overwhelming.

She then volunteers my time. I went along with it once after clearly telling her never to do that again and to tell them to hire a professional.

After doing it once, it opened the floodgates and my wife apologetically told me she volunteered my time again.

I went along with it, this time telling her it is the last time and next time she can do it herself.

When I am home I want to spend time with her and the kids, perhaps invite a friend or two since I rarely get to see them anymore.

He had to be firm to get it to stop and things got uncomfortable for everyone.

I don’t want to spend my weekend helping these lazy neighbors who are too cheap to hire a professional.

When she volunteered my time yet again,  I told her “Good luck with that.”

The following day she woke me up all upset that I had not helped the neighbors and they were mad at her.

I told her I didn’t care and told her I was not doing it full stop.

I am now getting the silent treatment and she is clearly panicking. She has a hard time saying no and she likes to be liked.

I feel bad but I do not want my time volunteered. AITA?

Here’s what people are saying.

She clearly has some sort of anxiety, but that doesn’t mean she gets to speak for you.

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It sounds like they’re acting like they’re going to starve without his free labor.

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I call this image crafting. Living your life that way is so unhealthy.

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Great to see commenters speaking up for their kids.

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See how wrong it looks when the tables are turned?

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I would give those ladies and my partner a piece of my mind.

There is a reason people get paid for doing repairs.

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