June 15, 2024 at 8:12 am

Her Broke Father Manipulated Her To Ask For Money From Her Mother, But She Refused To Do So And Now Her Father Is Livid

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/Agung Pandit Wiguna

It is hard to come up with a financial plan in split families.

And sometimes you have to make rough decisions to maintain order.

This girl did something like that.

Let’s checkout how she avoided her manipulative father.

AITA for not asking my mom to pay for my stepsister to go on her school field trip?

My parents are divorced and my brother (12m) and I (16f) split time between mom and dad.

Our dad remarried after the divorce 9 years ago.

Her dad’s family had some issues..

His wife has a daughter 10f who lives with them full time now but her dad was around for a little while when they first got together and he left after my dad’s wife won custody officially. He doesn’t pay anything for his kid and my dad and his wife are the ones covering everything for her.

My dad and his wife haven’t been doing so good with money for a couple of years and this year has been the worst yet for them.

Her mom is holding up like a boss lady.

My mom is doing better than ever though and she’s really been stable with money. So my brother and I have a much better life than our stepsister. We get to do extra curricular’s and we get nicer stuff in general.

This got so much more obvious lately because my brother got to do two field trips and I got to do an international trip with my school last year.

This is where the problem began..

My stepsister had a field trip come up a couple of weeks ago but my dad and his wife couldn’t afford to pay for it. They asked my mom to pay and she said no. They asked my brother to ask my mom and he didn’t. So dad asked me to ask mom.

He asked for an unreasonable favor..

He told me how much his stepdaughter wanted to go but the school didn’t have a fund to cover for families who couldn’t afford it.

He told me he knows it’s not mom’s job but they were desperate and just wanted her to have a nice time and she knows my brother and I never miss out and he didn’t want her to feel less important.

She did the right thing.

I didn’t ask. My dad got super angry when the field trip came and neither my brother or I asked mom.

There were consequences..

And my stepsister didn’t get to go which super teed him off.


Geez! she must have wanted to get away from that conversation desperately!

Let’s check out what folks on Reddit commented about this.

This person knows its not this girl’s problem to deal with.

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This person thinks the father is manipulative.

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This person believes the father should be the one paying.

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This person believes the father is bothering these guys for no reason.

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This person loves the way the single mother has been raising the children.

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This girl has nothing to worry about!

She did the right thing.

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