June 29, 2024 at 12:21 am

Her Broke Friend Would Always Eat Prior To Her Dinner Plans With Her Fiancé, So She Told Everyone That Her Friend Was Broke And Couldn’t Afford To Eat Out

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA

Couples can have troubles. And finances can certainly be a big question mark.

This girl shares a story of her friend and how things are in her relationship.

Let’s check out how this story is unique!

AITA for telling my friend’s fiancé that it’s his fault she won’t eat?

My friend (29F) and her fiancé (30M) have been together for 3 years, and they split all their bills.

But my friend is an elementary school teacher earning poverty wages, while her fiancé is a software engineer earning 7x what she makes.

They have some financial issues..

He has expensive tastes and always prefers to eat out at fine dining establishments.

She cannot afford to split the bill, so she will eat McDonald’s or snacks beforehand, and then only order a side salad or soup.

She seems to be sacrificing a lot..

Or she will just order a side salad and go hungry, because she can’t afford anything else, but he insists on expensive restaurants.

He always pokes fun at her eating salads. He mentioned it to our friend group at a party, and joked that women are always eating salads to watch their weight.

This girl took a stand..

I commented that my friend doesn’t eat because she can’t afford his expensive restaurants tastes, as a woman in poverty, and it’s his fault she goes without. He was shocked at this, and it caused a disturbance.

It wasn’t well received.

My friend was outraged that I embarrassed them in front of people.


Geez! That must have been some dinner time drama!

This couple clearly needs to talk their finances out.

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This person wants to know if the couple ever talked it out.

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This person hates the guy.

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This person thinks the actions of this girl are justified.

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This person doesn’t agree with what this girl did.

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This person isn’t fond of this partnership.

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That must have been embarrassing!

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