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Her Cheating Uncle Made Her Aunt’s Life Miserable, So She Filed For Divorce And Made Sure The Terms Of Her Revenge Were In The Paperwork

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Not having the luck of marrying smart is sad.

But what’s worse? When you don’t divorce smart.

This lady made sure she would take her revenge from her cheating husband who was also very greedy.

Let’s check out what she did with her divorce terms.

Divorce terms state she always gets more

Not my story, but my family member’s. A bit of a warning, I don’t know the exact timeline so background info and details are left out.

To set the scene: my grandma is one of four.

There seems to be a red flag incoming..

My aunt, who we’ll call A, married my grandpa’s brother, J.

J was always the odd one out of the siblings, had radically different views for them, and is for the most part in limited contact with the family.

My grandma & siblings have said that he was horrible to women even in middle school and high school, seeing them as just a fun entertainment till the next came along.

From what I’ve heard, all around just a kind of horrible and abusive dude.

She even has a past story to tell..

An example: when my aunt and uncle had been dating about two weeks, my aunt told me that she was a lot thinner and weighed approx. 125lbs (a thin weight for her height, and I’ve seen pictures so I know she was gorgeous) but his first nickname that he ever came up with for her was pork chops or porkie.

But the aunt still married the guy.

A and J got married and had kids, but my aunt A knew something wasn’t right and found out he was cheating. A LOT.

It was a small town and everyone found out so she felt extremely isolated, and come to find out he had been cheating their whole relationship with multiple people.

Her aunt faced a lot in the marriage.

My aunt had been burned and scorned by this man so many times over when it came to the divorce, she wanted something petty just to really piss him off.

He’s EXTREMELY tight about money, so she decided that any time they would pay or receive money, J’s amount is always $0.01 different than hers (only if the amount is odd, if it’s even they split it equally).

If they have to pay an amount, he pays one penny more than her.

She had a plan!

If they receive money and split it, she receives one more cent than him.

At this point it’s decades past and they are at least cordial with each other now for family events and communication, but my aunt will always tell people this story just because she’s so proud of herself for it (& I am too!)

It is always refreshing to see people finding their way around failed or abusive marriages.

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This person doesn’t get why the aunt married her husband.

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This person is confused about the story.

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This person has some words of wisdom to share.

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This person loves the idea of the money settlement.

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She is proud of her aunt and so are we!

Who knew a cent could trigger someone like that?

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