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Her Dad’s Mistress-Turned-Wife Needs Financial Help Because Of Her Poor Decisions, But She Refuses To Come To The Rescue

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

It’s funny how people can change their tune quickly when they need an influx of cash, isn’t it?

You know that’s the truth!

But how is a person supposed to respond if they’re hit up with a financial request from family members that they don’t feel very close to?

Hmmm, that’s a good question…

Check out what this woman did and see if you think she’s acting like an *******.

AITA for not helping out my half brother financially?

“When I (23f) was 15, my dad cheated on my mom. It was a messy divorce and hurt me deeply as they always had a loving marriage.

My mom sank into depression and was emotionally unavailable for me. My paternal grandfather stepped in and forced my dad to transfer most of his valuables/properties and money under my name, with grandfather acting as my guardian (grandmother passed when I was 11).

My dad had a well paying job so he was able to more or less maintain the same lifestyle. He married his affair partner Kim a year after the divorce.

Her relationship with her father wasn’t great.

My custody was 50/50 between dad and mom. I mostly kept to myself when I had to stay with dad. Kim did not try to build a relationship with me in any way.

When I was 18, grandfather got into a car accident that left him helpless. He needed a full time nurse to look after his daily needs and was unable to communicate with any of us.

During that time Kim became pregnant. A few months before my half brother was born my grandfather passed away.

My grandparents were not wealthy but they did have some properties and valuables and a decent amount of money. In his will, he split all he had 3 ways: my uncle, my aunt, and me.

My dad got an equivalent of $300. Kim tried to protest, that my half brother should get something, too, but the will was clear.

My dad told me and her that all he had in the future would go to my half brother since I already got his share of inheritance from grandfather.

She was done with these people.

I told him he could do whatever as I wanted very little to do with him and would have as little to do with him from then on.

I go to a good college and am on track for a very well-paying job. I have very little contact with my dad’s immediate family. A few months ago, however, my dad passed from a heart attack.

He left behind a house and 2 cars that are still not fully paid for. He had some money but not enough to pay off everything.

Someone needs some help…

Kim did not have a well paying job before my dad and she quit her job after she was pregnant.

She contacted me through my uncle and aunt that she is struggling and would like me to help pay for the house and cover some living costs.

She had already sold 1 car and did her best to cut out a lot of expenses.

I told her she’s on her own.

My paternal family now calls me selfish for not looking out for my half brother.

They said grandfather would have wanted me to take care of him as he is innocent in all of this.

I just think this is not at all my problem.


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Family drama…

There’s no escape!

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