June 14, 2024 at 9:49 am

Her Friend Took It Personally When She Didn’t Take Home The Toiletries From Her Hotel And She Has No Idea Why

by Ashley Ashbee

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So much of our communication happens in subtext and if someone is sensitive, they may misinterpret something a person says or does.

The person’s friend in this story is one of those people. Have a read and see if you can figure out why.

AITA for NOT taking all toiletries from a hotel bathroom?

On a trip with my friends, one of them came to my room to take a bath. She remarked how I haven’t used the complementary toiletries, but I should.

The day we were to leave, she was present while I packed & commented how I hadn’t packed the toiletries.

I said I never do because I don’t need them & it doesn’t feel right.

That didn’t sit well with her friend for some reason.

But she got really offended over it. Went on for minutes about how people like me ruin it for ‘working class’ people like her (we work the same job??).

How it’s our right, included in our bills, & snooty attitudes like the one I’d displayed make the world look down upon the ethical practice of taking toiletries.

Her rant including some pretty big, unkind and irrational assumptions.

She couldn’t believe I would choose to be a jerk who sides with big, profit making hotels instead of the little man.

I thought she might be stressed about something else or may be I had somehow been insensitive with that remark. I let her be & didn’t react.

When it was our time to check out from the second hotel, the same thing happened all over again.

She’s not a weird person. But she’s so adamant & passionate about this, it’s making me question things.


Let’s see what the commenters are saying.

I tried not to laugh at this comment, but alas. No idea why OP said this.

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She’ll find some other nonsensical thing to be passive aggressive about instead of doing actual advocacy.

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Some people had funny suggestions like this one. She’d be furious.

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That’s a nice idea. It would be even nicer if the quality was good.

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This can’t have been an isolated occurrence. Some people are actually like this.

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Gives new meaning to the phrase soap opera.

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