June 15, 2024 at 12:20 pm

Her Friend’s HOA Issued Her A “Ticket” While She Was Cat Sitting. She Doesn’t Want To Pay It, But Her Friend Says Somebody Has To.

by Trisha Leigh

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HOAs are nobody’s favorite thing.

I mean, maybe the people whose small little lives they give meaning to, but nobody else.

And especially not someone who doesn’t even live in the neighborhood.

This woman was doing a friend a favor by cat sitting and ended up embroiled in HOA drama instead.

AITA for refusing to pay an HOA “ticket” while cat sitting

A friend asked me to watch her cat for her while she was on vacation.

When I went over to feed the cat, I parked in the driveway, fed the cat, and left.

One day, I went to feed the cat and there was a $25 “ticket” on my car for parking in the driveway. It was from the HOA not the police or parking enforcement.

There was nothing illegal about where I parked nor have I ever been told not to park in a driveway by anyone.

Figuring she didn’t live in the neighborhood, she figured she wouldn’t be paying it.

So, I ignored it.

The HOA is now pursuing her for the ticket since their authority only extends to their members.

She sent them my info and I flat out told them to take a hike, I’m not paying a fine and if they don’t like it, sue me.

Her friend, though, is upset about the potential repercussions.

She is upset with me and demanding I pay since she will have to pay the fine.

If she had told me her HOA does stuff like that and that I need to park on a guest spot instead, I would have.

But, I don’t feel obliged to pay a fine for made up rules I was never told about.

The law in my state is pretty clear, the HOA has no right to fine me, but their members can be held responsible for the violations of guests.

Should she give in?

Let’s find out what Reddit has to say about it.

The top comment says her friend should have informed her of any parking rules ahead of time.

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This one agrees, and thinks the friend should be embarrassed.

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In fact, they’re kind of impressed with her gall.

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$25 is cheaper than a professional cat sitter.

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Everyone has questions about why parking in a driveway isn’t allowed.

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I can see both sides.

If she wants to keep her friend, though, she should probably just pay up.

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