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Her Husband Wouldn’t Include Her In Important Decisions, So She Ended Up Claiming He Treats Her Like Hired Help In Front Of His Parents

by Sarrah Murtaza

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This is no time and age to let people take decisions on your behalf.

But this is exactly what happened with this girl who never got a say in certain choices!

Checkout how her story unfolds.

AITA for accusing my husband of treating me like the hired help instead of his wife in front of his family?

I (34f) have been married to my husband for 4 years, together for 7.5 years and we have two children (2.5 and 5 months). My husband was married before we met.

He and his ex-wife separated during her pregnancy with their daughter (13) and divorced after she turned 1.

They seem to have made peace with their setting.

To my stepdaughter I am dad’s wife. I’m okay with that. We get along fine, mostly.

She does struggle to be left with me in charge. My husband knows this.

We have discussed this at length. We have worked together to figure out solutions.

But her husband’s ex detests her..

We even talked with his ex, who is okay with me being around her daughter (I know some aren’t) but did not like the idea of her daughter being with me if she could be with her (they don’t have a right of first refusal and didn’t get it added after this discussion).

And generally didn’t love that I would be in a parent role if alone with her kid.

She has a very big dislike of the idea of stepparents becoming just parents and she has never wanted her daughter to view me as any kind of mother figure.

So discussions were had and agreements were made.

This is where it begins..

Onto our issue: My husband always has a very busy period of work in June/July and he’s basically just home to sleep and nothing else.

In June his ex is having surgery and will be out of commission and in the hospital for some time.

Uh oh..

The ex’s surgery was not mentioned to me at all.

But Saturday night while we were at my ILs house, my husband started venting about his ex’s surgery and her not wanting their daughter to be in my care all day and his daughter not wanting to have me in charge of her that much, and how he told them I would be doing it and nothing they said or did would change this.

Things got heated up..

He was angry at his ex and his daughter a little for having such a dislike for me being in charge even though we get along fine. I asked him when all this happened and he said it had been a few days.

He told me she would be with “us” from June 6th until July 4th and possibly longer. That he was already told he will need to work most Saturdays in June and July. So he told me I’d need to figure out how to best deal with that.

She had serious concerns..

I asked him why he sprung this on me in front of his family instead of discussing it privately. He waved me off and said he knew I wouldn’t say no because I love my stepdaughter and I understand that she needs to be with an adult.

He noticed it.

He saw an expression on my face and told me I couldn’t be angry about it when I know my stepdaughter is still a kid.

I told him I wasn’t angry at her. I was angry at him.

He told me he can’t help his ex and his daughter being somewhat unreasonable.

MIL chimed in and offered to take my stepdaughter during the daytime for June. He told her I would handle it, she should be with “us”.

And then she said something that got her in trouble.

This is when I accused him of treating me like the hired help and not his wife because he wasn’t discussing it with me and was making decision for me without asking or discussing things through.

It was afterward he told me I shouldn’t speak to him like that in front of his family.


Yikes! That must have been tiring to deal with!

All he had to do was ask!

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Folks on Reddit fueled her confidence.

She knows she did the right thing!

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