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Her Mom And Dad Were Very Strict When She Was A Kid. Mom Apologized But Dad Hasn’t, So Now She Makes Him Beg For Money When He Needs It.

by Michael Levanduski

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Parenting is hard, and even the best parents in the world are constantly making mistakes.

As children grow up, however, they can sometimes get a little petty revenge for the mistakes mom and dad made.

This story is a great example of an adult child getting some harmless revenge while also helping her parents out.

Check out this funny and oddly wholesome story of revenge below.

Revenge as an Adult

My parents were very harsh with me as a child. They recognize that they were harsh with me and my mom has even lamented how she treated me.

None of us are rich. Especially my dad, he does not save money, gives it all away to family and buys stupid shit like broken down volkswagons he will never fix.

It is great that she is able to look past her parent’s mistakes and help them out.

So now every month I send them money because I am able to.

My mom I have it set up automatically because she administers their finances and pays for food.

Oh, this is truly petty. And truly funny.

My dad I don’t. I only send him money if he asks. And I play dumb. I tell him to wait and see if it gets deposited in a couple of days.

I make him ask several times and I can see that it embarrasses him and makes him feel awkward.

And what I send him is a pittance anyway because I know he blows it. Sometimes I play dumb long enough that I don’t even send it because the month is almost over.

It is these small victories that make petty revenge so rewarding.

It gives me a small amount of pleasure to hold it over his head.

Should I stop? Probably, but every time I’m about to finish setting up the automated transaction for him, I exit out of the bank website.

I absolutely agree with OP that this is petty and the ‘healthy’ thing to do would be to stop.

But I also love that she gets that small sense of satisfaction and knows she isn’t quite ready to put it behind her.

Let’s see what commenters say about the story.

I don’t know if this is karma, but it sure seems like it.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

I think this commenter is right, but OP seems to be aware of it and it doesn’t bother her.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

OP seems well aware of the fact that her dad is just wasting the money and she chooses to do it anyway.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Treat your children well, they may be taking care of you someday.

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