June 3, 2024 at 5:11 pm

Horrible Neighbor Broke Into His House And Stole His Credit Card, So He Involved The Police. Now His Neighbor’s Wife Is Begging Him Not To Press Charges.

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Pexels

It’s an awful thing when a thief breaks into your apartment, but what if your neighbor is the one encroaching on your space?

The cherry on top is when they pretend to be innocent.

Today’s story is about a guy who shares his story about his drunken neighbor and his paper-thin excuses.

AITA if I press charges against my neighbor for breaking and entering?

This is crazy but just happened this past weekend.

I (m45) was alone and taking a nap for a couple hours upstairs and came down about 4pm.

I walk down and see a man walking out of my front door!

That’s SCARY!

I recognized him as my neighbor – we live a townhouse complex and he lives right across from us.

I confronted him, he apologized profusely and said he was drunk (yeah at 4pm) and made a mistake.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Seemed believable but I decided to make a police report anyway.

They questioned him but his story was believable so that was the end.

The drunk guy’s reasoning fooled the cops and this man, but check out what happened next!

I go back inside, frazzled but thought it was over.

I check my phone and see auto messages about recent charges on my credit card – from a convenience store near my house, for several beers, while I was sleeping.

I call the police again, and they were able to get a copy of the stores security footage a couple days later.

Now we know the culprit is caught!

Surprise surprise, it’s him.

The police arrested him this morning and he confessed to taking my wallet from my house, using my credit card, then returning it back to my house!

Check out what the funny guy did next..

He didn’t even take the cash in the wallet!

The whole thing is so bizarre I would laugh about it but then I think what if my wife and kids were home? What could have happened?

Then I just get angry all over again.

This wasn’t enough so the drunk guy’s wife came in pleading for apologies.

And now I just got a letter from his wife, saying how he is a drunk and “getting help” and begging me not to press charges.

Part of me feels for her and wonders AITA, but the other part thinks I should not only press charges but also sue them into oblivion, forcing them to move at the very least.

So AITA if I press charges?

Yikes! That was some scary story!

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However safe the neighborhood may be, one should always take precautions.

He’s right to worry something worse could’ve happened!

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