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His HOA Wouldn’t Let Him Use His Own Fireplace, But Apparently They Didn’t Know He Wasn’t Part Of The Association To Begin With

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Some HOAs just won’t let people in their community be at peace.

Funny thing is, this guy isn’t even part of the HOA where he lives and they still expect him to obey their decision.

Let’s check out how this guy’s neighbors made an unreasonable inspection against him.

AITA for telling my neighbor and HOA to stuff it and leave?

I(25M) own a lakeside property that was legally and officially given to me by my parents.

I have been living here for six years and have some great neighbors along with some not-so-great ones.

Of all my neighbors I have only ever had problems with one who lives right next door named Mariette. She first moved in early this summer as she had the former house on her property demolished and rebuilt.

The smaller the problem, the bigger the fire erupting from it..

My problems started with her over her the use of my wood stove and fireplaces.

With the temperatures getting colder I have started to use them daily. My house is not equipped with any form of heating outside of the wood stove and a fireplace.

This means that from fall until spring I will constantly have them going to keep my place warm.

My family never outfitted the home with anything better because it was for weekend trips and we would winterize and leave it when things got cold.

His family did think of alternatives but they seemed to not have worked for them.

My parents thought of adding oil heating when I moved in however I opposed it because it was a waste of money and didn’t mind splitting logs.

Five days ago after having received my shipment of logs for the fall I was approached by my neighbor Mariette.

She came around asking for my parents to which I said that they don’t live here and that I am the homeowner.

She had troubles understanding the setting of her new neighbor.

She didn’t believe me and said that I was too young to be a homeowner before leaving.

Later that day I heard a knock at my door and thought it was my girlfriend so I gave my usual greeting of “Hey Sweet Cheeks” while opening the door.

Embarrassingly enough, it wasn’t the girlfriend..

Unfortunately, it was not her and was Mariette again so I apologized quickly and asked what she wanted.

Once again she wanted to speak with my parents to which in a more stern tone said that I was the homeowner.

This time she finally got it and said that I am violating HOA policy by using wood-burning fireplaces indoors and outdoors.

And there goes the HOAs.

In response, I said that as new as the house looks I am not a member of the group and that the town permits fireplaces and burning yard waste.

She then went on to ask why I even needed them because they do nothing but harm the environment.

I went on to explain that while the house exterior looks new the house actually has been around since 1930 and still uses a wood stove and fireplace heating.

She wasn’t having it so she decided to involve more people..

She didn’t believe me yet again and said she would be back with an inspector.

Yesterday once again she came with another person who introduced themselves as an HOA inspector.

They tried to talk about my fireplaces but I shut them down immediately and said that I am not a member of their group.

They were clearly getting on this young man’s nerves.

The guy then tried to lie by saying that the HOA is in control of all the properties in the area.

I immediately called him out on the lie and said that he is either lazy or a m***n for not knowing that I am not with them.

We went back and forth one more time before I told them I will not listen to them and to stuff it and leave.

Am I an a******?

There seems to be nothing illegal with it so he clearly isn’t at fault.

Let’s check out what folks on Reddit had to say about this.

This person thinks this guy needs to get a lawyer.

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This person thinks Mariette is being too nosy.

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This person agrees with the actions of this guy!

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This person wants to warn the guy about a court trial because HOAs are capable of that.

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This person knows where the HOA lady gets her attitude from.

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Most people know Mariette isn’t concerned about the environment and simply wants some drama.

That, or she’s just trying to make things difficult for this guy.

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