June 15, 2024 at 2:33 pm

His Mom Passes And He’s Sent To Live With His Very Religious Dad. Now He’s Trying To Convert Him, But He Says They Need To Stop.

by Ashley Ashbee

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For many deeply religious families, atheism is unfathomable — maybe even a ticket to hell.

Atheism can also be interpreted as an insult to their whole way of life and some families go as far as to try to convert non-believers.

So stories like the one you’re about to read are not too uncommon.

AITA for telling my newfound father and his wife that I’m not going to take part in their religion ever?

I met my father in September of last year. I (16m) was 15 at the time and had recently lost my mom to cervical cancer.

My grandparents and two of my aunts did not want to keep taking care of me.

So instead of letting me go to my aunt out of state, they contacted the man who wanted nothing to do with me before and involved a social worker.

This meant I would have to go live with him instead of the aunt I actually knew and who did want me.

It was hard enough losing his mom and not being wanted by other relatives, but then things get worse.

What made it worse is that my father and his wife are very religious and I’m not.

I was raised by an atheist mom, had a mostly atheist family and I have no interest in joining or taking part in anything religious.

Unfortunately, my father and his family try taking me to church and also get me baptized. I have refused.

Things got way more tense recently because two of my father’s other kids were questioning me on why I don’t pray.

Their efforts became a full-on campaign to convert him and they didn’t let up.

They got upset and tried to do all this converting stuff and they’re only middle schoolers for **** sake.

My father tried telling me I shouldn’t shoot it down so quickly and he told me to give it a try and I said no.

Then his wife told me I should be grateful for a chance to be saved and I’m being very stubborn and should show them respect as my parents to let them guide me into religion.

I told her they are not my parents, they are randos I’m forced to live with and I will never take part in their religion ever and they need to accept that because I don’t believe in God or anything.

They didn’t like my “closed mindedness” and they were angry I spoke to them “with such finality”.


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