June 23, 2024 at 11:14 pm

HOA Leader Berated the Person They Hired to Mow Their Lawn, So They Made Sure To Make Their Yard Always Look Better Than His

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

The King of the HOA

It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Well…unless that person happens to be a total PSYCHOPATH.

Take a look at how this person got even with someone who thought they ruled their neighborhood.

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HOA short story.

“About 10 yrs ago I moved into a basic middle class neighborhood.

It has an HOA not really sure why cause it is not that kinda ritzy neighborhood. The dues were minimal as were the regulations.

The dues went to pay for the gas lamps and mowing outside the entrance. I had gotten a great deal on the house. It was a starter house for the bachelor that I was.

They figured something out…

After only 2 days I realized I lived next to the HOA president. He was a real anal, yet slimy jerk.

He was always seeing me outside as I came and went trying to tell me how others were trashing his hood. I found out some years later he was the brother of the original developer.

When the subdivision was built he had just come off of a coke habit and his brother built him a house and given him the title of King of the HOA.

Sounds like a total weirdo.

This guy was always manicuring his spread but not really making any progress. He was tall and skinny and he always had a pressed polo shirt and dress shoes he mowed the yard in.

He would correct peoples’ grammar and was a general OCD Hitler that most people didn’t like/ignored. One summer I broke my foot at work and was laid up for nearly 8 weeks.

I hired the cheapest guy possible to cut my grass. I was young and semi poor doing the best I could. This jerk next door would berate the guy while he was mowing.

Let’s play a game…

The next summer to get him back and generally **** him off I would wait till the day after he would mow and then I would mow just a notch or two lower so it looked like he needed to mow.

He mowed really high so I could mow multiple times a week without over mowing my yard. I grew up and got a family and moved away but last I heard the week after I left he passed away of a heart attack from him returning to coke.

I live in a better place now with sweet little old people who are very nice and helpful.”

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One person made a good point.

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Another reader felt bad for this guy…

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It sounds like this guy was out of his mind.

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