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HOA Member Complained About A Young Girl’s Pet Bunny, So Her Father Released Wild Bunnies Into The Neighborhood And Havoc Ensued

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@marjorylucabaxter

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Take a look at this story from Reddit about a neighbor who got what was coming to him.

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Force me to get rid of my pet bunny? Enjoy the bunnypocalypse.

“This was actually my neighbor’s revenge.

When I was 9, a new neighbor moved in across the street. They had a 9 yo girl who had 2 pet bunnies.

I became fast friends with the new neighbor and several of the neighborhood kids would regularly come by her house to play with the bunnies.

For 2 years, everything was fine. No one had issues and we all lived happily in our white picket fence neighborhood.

Here it comes…

Enter HOA Jerk!

HOA Jerk lived on the other side of new neighbors. Our HOA was fairly reasonable (don’t paint your house neon pink, cut your grass, otherwise you’re safe). But HOA Jerk was high ranking on the board and had a tendency to nitpick about stupid things.

After 2 years, HOA Jerk had gotten bored and decided it was a problem that new neighbors had bunnies. Why?

Because deep in our HOA bylaws, it states that you cannot have any non domesticated pets.

Bunnies – even though theirs had never been left outside or hurt any of the kids – were considered non domesticated.

What a loser!

HOA Jerk made a stink to the board and insisted that something be done immediately. HOA sends a letter that the bunnies get gone ASAP or fines would start accumulating.

New neighbor tried to go talk to HOA Jerk and explain that they’re his daughter’s pets, harmless, etc. HOA Jerk wanted none of it, smirked, and told his daughter to “tell Buggs bye bye”.

What HOA Jerk didn’t know is that new neighbors were only a few weeks away from moving back across the country to be closer to family.

They’d done a private sale on the house, no signage outside, and most people didn’t even know.

He had a plan…

New neighbor could’ve just ignored the letter and he would’ve been gone before the fees could hit. But no, that would be too easy.

What did he do instead?

He drove to a friend’s property in a rural area of town, captured 4 wild bunnies, and set them loose in the neighborhood the day before he moved.

And boy did those bunnies do what bunnies do. And where did they do it? In HOA Jerk’s backyard, where he and his wife had spent years creating a bushy, flowery oasis.

Sounds like a movie!

Within a month or two the bunny population doubled. A few more and it tripled.

Within a few months, our neighborhood was overrun. For the most part they were harmless, stayed out of the way, and added a homey feel to our yards.

For HOA Jerk, it was havoc on his beautiful yard and he spent months petitioning that the HOA eradicate them to no avail.

20 years later and the neighborhood is still a bunny hideaway.

HOA Jerk still lives there and has long given up on protecting his beautiful backyard from the bunnies.

All because he wouldn’t leave a 9 yo girl’s pet bunnies alone.”

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