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Insurance Agent Debunks Common Myths About Car Insurance. – ‘If your car is broken into and you leave your phone or a laptop in there…’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

You know that old saying that you should always read the fine print?

It seems a lot of people don’t.

TikToker and insurance agent @jai.duhh gets a lot of calls from car insurance customers who don’t understand their policy.

She shared a video about some “car insurance facts that most people don’t know.”

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

“If your car is broken into and you leave your phone or a laptop in there,” she begins.

We know the rest is going to sting: “those items are not covered under your auto insurance policy.”

A lot of people think that red cars have higher premiums, but she says, “We don’t care about that.”

“Turning 25 does not always guarantee that your premium will go down.”

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

“I think this one people know, but they don’t understand: insurance is a shared risk, so it’s kind of like you’re in a pool with everybody else” she explains.

And this is what that means for you: “You put your money into the pool and even though you may not have any incidents, that pool you’re paying into helps pay off incidents for others.”

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

There are a lot of things to do when you move, but you shouldn’t put this one off.

“Whatever state your vehicle is registered in, that’s the state your insurance should be for.”

“Let’s say your vehicle is registered in New York. You move to Georgia and cancel your New York policy, your vehicle is still registered in New York.”

Why is that a problem? People call in asking why they got fines despite having insurance.

It happens because their insurance and registration aren’t in the same jurisdiction.

Or as OP puts it, “New York is going to find you.”

Watch the full video.


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Here’s what people are saying.

I found out a lot from other comments. A pleasant surprise!

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

I was unpleasantly surprised, too. Fortunately I don’t drive.

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Oh, that’s good to know.

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

You thought it would be a nice perk to becoming a quarter of a century old, but nope.

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Of course some people still don’t understand.

Source: TikTok/@jai.duhh

So don’t commit insurance fraud, folks. It hurts everyone covered by that insurance company.

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