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Manager Says Don’t Serve Your Friends, So This Employee Let Them Know Just How Many Friends He Had

by Melissa Triebwasser

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance/Unsplash/Adrien Delforge

Have you ever had a manager that over-enforced a ridiculous rule?

This story from Reddit is a great example of what happens when a bad rule gets strictly enforced, and it backfires on the boss.

I Know You

Many years ago worked full time at big superstore on checkouts. I also volunteered in a local civil protection light rescue unit. We did some training with fire service, exercises with Red Cross etc. I dated a female police officer for a bit.

So knew few local police officers, a fair few of local fire service, ambulance etc. One of the rules was no serving friends and family. If they came to till, press buzzer and wait for manager.

I wonder how quickly that rule might backfire? Let’s find out.

One manager and I never got on. I served one of local officers I knew, Paul. Manager straight on my back about serving friends. I explained, no not good enough. Got a severe telling off from that manager.

Even demanded to know if I knew a regular customer just because I said “Hi Sandra, Hi Laura. ” and they greeted me by name. Got told off for that.

Getting in trouble for providing friendly service to a regular? I have a feeling things are about to get worse.

So I deliberately asked. “Anyone I know I buzz for manager…”

I then had a couple of days off including training night.

So I discreetly told a few rescue unit members that when they came in to ignore what I told them before. I wanted them to deliberately come through my checkout.

Messaged mate at local fire station, messaged my ex the police officer to pass word out and passed message to someone knew at local Red Cross etc.

Sounds like the author rallied the troops in preparation for a full-on assault. That manager is about to be busy!

Next 2 evenings, Thursday and Friday which were always busy, it was carnage!

buzz “This is Heather, local police officer I know through rescue unit… ”

buzz “This is Alan, local Red Cross, I know him through unit…”

buzz “This is Rick, he’s in rescue unit. ”

buzz “This is Sally, local paramedic. ”

buzz “This is Di, County Council Emergency Planning , know him through rescue unit. ”

buzz “This Glen, Firefighter from abc Station, know through rescue unit. ”

buzz “This is Frank, paramedic know from rescue unit”

buzz “This is Tony, Firefighter from xyz Station, know him through rescue unit. ”

buzz “This is Ben, local police officer I know through reacue unit. ”

buzz “This is Julie from rescue unit”

buzz “This Alan, local police inspector I know through rescue unit. “

The author clearly has a good sense of humor and a better group of friends. But did they get their point across?

Pulled aside by manager (who I got on with) on Friday about 8pm on my way to my break and told “You can stop buzzing for people you know from rescue unit stuff. Just buzz for family or close friends. We’ll let you use your discretion. “

It appears they did indeed. Let’s see how the folks on Reddit reacted to this one.

Top comment praises the author, and their friends, for how they handled the situation.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Many commenters agreed that the best way to teach an unfair manager a lesson is by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Another comment mentioned that it might be good to get the policy adjustment in writing to prevent another public dressing-down.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

And lastly, one comment questioned the motive, and the parameters, of the rule.

Screenshot 2024 06 20 at 8.05.05 PM Manager Says Dont Serve Your Friends, So This Employee Let Them Know Just How Many Friends He Had

To serve, protect, and annoy!

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