June 15, 2024 at 12:48 am

Man’s Fence Is Run Over Every Year By Parents Picking Up Their Kids From School, But They’re Livid When He Replaces It With An Iron Beam That Wrecks Their Cars

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/pexels/mikebird

Anyone who has lived near a school knows that it’s a lot more trouble than its worth. Especially if its a high school, because teen drivers are scary enough as it is!

But even with elementary schools, you still have to worry about the manic driving of parents picking up their kids!

So when this user’s neighbor kept getting his fence run over by parents’ crazy driving, he got his revenge by replacing his fencepost with an iron beam!

Check it out!

Damage my fence will you?

Not my story but my neighbor’s. We lived in a cul-de-sac with a 90 degree bend a third of the way in.

At that bend, there were gates to a primary school with their grounds on the opposite side of the road to all the houses.

I learned to leave for work before 8:00am and not to try and return home at the end of school between 14:45 and 15:30.

It was always a mess, with barely room for two cars to pass, regardless if any were parked on the pavement.

And OP’s neighbor soon fell victim to the students’ parents’ reckless driving!

His particular problem was a garden fence that ran along his side boundary adjacent to a meter path, with one post in particular being in front of his property along the road.

Over the course of a year, parents reversed into this post, mounting the pavement to do so and with enough speed to break or dislodge the 100mm (4) post.

He was annoyed as it was costing him to replace the post and fence, whilst the guilty parents just laughed at his misfortune.

So the neighbor came up with a particularly devious way to make sure the parents drove more carefully around his property!

During their summer break he replaced the post with an iron ‘I’ beam and painted it brown.

The first driver to reverse into it did a number on their car and knocked on his door demanding compensation, as did the next few.

He just laughed pointed out they were breaking the law by mounting the pavement and 4″ curb at high speed, before shutting the door on them.

Let me get this straight? They drove badly and hit his property, but wanted him to reimburse them for the damage to their car? Give me a break!

Reddit absolutely loved his ingenuity, and thought he should have taken his revenge even further by documenting the damage to his iron beam!

Source: Reddit/Pettyrevenge

This user said that it was all too common for parents to inconvenience the people who lived near their kids’ schools.

Source: Reddit/Pettyrevenge

Others had heard of people using similar solutions to stop kids from vandalizing their mailboxes.

Source: Reddit/Pettyrevenge

Finally, this user said OP’s story was just another reason they would never live by a school again.

Source: Reddit/Pettyrevenge

Your reckless driving means I have to pay for your car’s damage?

I don’t think so!

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