June 14, 2024 at 11:26 am

Man’s Wife Lets Her Nieces And Nephews Make A Mess In Their Kitchen, But When He Complains She Absolutely Blows Up At Him

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/TimurWeber

It doesn’t matter if your partner is absolutely perfect in every way, you still might get stuck with some crazy in-laws!

And no matter how much it affects you, it can feel a bit out of line to start talking about another family’s dysfunction.

But when this user’s wife let her family’s young children destroy their house, he had had enough and complained to his wife, only for her to blow up at him!

Was he wrong to comment on her nieces and nephews? See for yourself!

AITA wife’s sister lets her kids run wild and destroy my house during family dinners. So I voiced my opinion.

My wife has her siblings over for dinner EVERY week. Two brothers and two sisters. Only one is married with kids.

These kids are not parented at all. Many times we have to stop a child from serious injury because their parents just forget they exist.

Tonight I bought a cake for my wife’s birthday that is next week, since I will be leaving town for work and missing the date I wanted to celebrate.

And of course, the little gremlins wanted to be involved in OP’s birthday celebrations….

The oldest of the little guys (6) starts literally pounding the floor full blown tantrum that I won’t let him carry the cake lit with candles to the table. I ignore and proceed.

After cutting the cake and bringing my wife her piece, the little brat jumps up and smashes his toy truck down into the middle of it.

I get my wife another but she just eats around it and says she doesn’t mind. I brush it off.

But the shenanigans were only just beginning!

Minutes later the toddler kid, #3, is seen running through my great room with a spoon full of icing that his mom Gave him.

And another child, #2 , is using an egg roll as a missile smashing it into my walls. My wife permits this anarchy, I keep my mouth shut as usual.

After the circus leaves our house. I’m cleaning up and doing dishes by myself. My wife walks in and she sighs relief that they are gone.

With the chaos over, OP took the opportunity to blow off some steam, but his wife was none too happy about his complaints!

I made the mistake of venting how frustrated I am that her sister, her husband and children have zero respect for our home.

The response was a rage filled screaming match about how absolutely terrible I am.

She said will make sure her sister’s family is never present when I am home.

Well that escalated quickly! All OP said was that his nieces and nephews didn’t respect their home! And judging by the food fight that took place, it sounds like he’s right on the money!

Reddit said OP was 100% in the right, and was shocked that his wife would defend her family’s awful behavior!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user was shocked that kids acted like this outside of a cheesy movie, let alone that their parents had no problem with their behavior!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Many said that if OP’s wife was fine with their behavior, then she should be the one to clean up after them!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this person said what we were all thinking: that some couple’s therapy was in order!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Yet another story that convinces us not to have kids!

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