June 28, 2024 at 10:48 am

New Neighbors Aren’t A Fan Of Home Owner’s “Country” Antics, But When They Use The HOA To Get Him In Trouble He Turns The Rules Right Back On Them

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pexels/Pixabay

When you live in the close quarters of a bustling city, its not uncommon to dream of moving somewhere a little more rural, where you can figuratively and literally “strech your legs” a little bit.

But as many city dwellers find out the hard way, living in the country comes with its own set of challenges, ones that us city people might not be too well-equipped to deal with.

So when this user’s friend got some new neighbors that weren’t a fan of the noise that comes along with a farm, they tried to get the HOA to do something about it, only to get beat at their own game!

Check it out!

This might not be complete.

A good customer and a buddy of mine, K, owns a good size chunk of land outside a decent size city in the Rocky Mountain region.

A neighbor sold a huge part of land that became a HOA controlled subdivision right next to his property.

Country and city people collide. I have to add that this subdivision is equestrian themed ( with a HOA rule of vinyl fencing… which is a whole other issue).

So K is part of a family business that drills water wells for residential and livestock. Great business, widely known. K likes to hunt on his property and obey all game warden laws.

Suns up guns up. Shooting ducks at dawn with his sons and daughters.

But the new HOA was not a fan of K’s exercising of his second amendment rights!

The neighbors did not like the shooting because it upsets the horses. Just get up earlier and calm them they will be okay. This was the beginning.

One of the dads in the company needed to sell some property. So the equipment had to be moved to another location. K took the drill rig because he could store it in his barn.

County inspector says he can’t store it in the barn because it’s not structurally sound. Total rebuild. He parked it next to the barn.

And with the drill rig sitting on his property, K’s neighbors seized their chance to try and get him in hot water with the township!

Neighbors saw the “commercial equipment” and called the sheriff. The sheriff told K to move the equipment to an appropriate spot. County ordinance.

No problem Officer. He went to the State and County office and got a permit to drill on his land.

It is a six month permit that costs five bucks a month. And never expires if you keep paying the fee.

All he has to do is put the mast up if it is on his property.

Well, if the neighbors hated the noise of the guns, I’m sure they’re gonna be a huge fan of a drilling rig waking them up at the crack of dawn!

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If you don’t like the customs of the countryside, don’t move to the countryside. It’s not that hard people!