June 15, 2024 at 12:20 pm

No One Likes The Neighborhood HOA Snitch, So Home Owner Publicly Announced She Wasn’t Invited To His BBQ

by Trisha Leigh

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Neighbors are one of those things that, for most of us, are an unavoidable part of life.

That said, everyone knows it’s a total gamble, and you never know what you’re going to get.

The best you can hope for is probably someone who minds their own business, but with an HOA around, you’re not likely to get it.

Like these people, who have all ran afoul of a horrible snitch on at least one (expensive) occasion.

AITA for not inviting the neighborhood snitch or the HOA board to our neighborhood BBQ?

There’s around 10 houses in my neighborhood of 120 that are not in the HOA, mine included.

We (or previous owners) were smart enough to not join the HOA.

As a result, i am able to make extensions and I have a pool, which I host neighborhood parties occasionally.

This person’s HOA is very active, and everyone knows that’s not a good thing.

My HOA is one of the worst HOAs, constantly fining people hundreds of dollars for parking violations, painting their fences the wrong shades of brown, wrong color curtains, having 2 flags etc.

They’re not the worst HOA but they’re bad.

And there’s one neighbor who seems to get off on everyone else’s misery.

We also got a s****y neighbor, Jessica, who likes to go around and snap photos of people’s violations and then post it on the next-door app to shame them.

She prides herself in this thinking it makes the neighborhood better when she shames the Smiths for having a fence that’s 2 inches too high, or the Johnsons for having light brown door instead of a dark brown door.

Jessica is a nightmare human, she’s probably cost neighbors thousands of dollars in fees or forcing them to renovate.

I absolutely lost it when Jessica posted in the next door app about how Mrs Jenson (85 year old woman, currently having serious medical issues) has a lawn that’s a couple inches too high.

She obviously can’t mow the lawn and was too busy to notice.

The HOA then fined her 500 dollars.

So, when he was throwing a party, he made very sure the busybody and her ilk knew they were not welcome.

I made a post in the next-door app about the next-door app saying that the suburban fascists on the HOA nor Jessica were invited to my BBQ at my house.

Jessica went on a ran saying how much of a angel she is and how she protects the neighborhood doing her duty and I told her she’s a low life scumbag busybody and is a pathetic loser with nothing better to do.

She tried throwing a counter-party, but it didn’t exactly go well.

A couple people said I was bullying and excluding her and like 4 of her friends are “boycotting” my party and hosting their own party.

The party happened and nobody else showed up to theirs and ours was a blast. She apparently cried over it.

Some of the neighbors think he went too far, but did he?

Reddit is going to sort us out!

Everyone has a Jessica.

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This person had a caveat.

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But yeah, HOAs are the worst.

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Some people really hate the taste of their own medicine.

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This person found the whole scenario tiresome.

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I mean, this all sounds pretty high school to me.

But at least they had a fun party.

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