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Nosy Neighbor Tried To Get His House Project Shut Down Because Of An Old Bylaw, So He Did Some Research And Found Another Bylaw That Would Affect Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@tessaherondalecarstairs

You gotta know the rules, friends!

That goes for just about everything in life and if you have the nerve to tell someone what they can and can’t do with their house, you better know ALL the rules…

Or else you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation!

Take a look at what happened in this story from Reddit.

HOA rules.

“Happened in late ’90s to a good buddy of mine.

Lived in Bay Area CA in an old subdivision built 1900s to 1930s for the most part. HOA is super relaxed. Mostly not enforced unless a big issue. Basically used to upkeep gardens in the neighborhood.

No problem!

JD is building an addition on his house. He asked the folks on all sides if it was an issue. It was not. Several neighbors had done similar.

Folks behind them (Lori) said it was cool. Addition is built 90%.

Lori is friends with Maria – she lives 5-6 houses away. Maria puts a bug in Lori’s ear about how terrible this is.

Finds the clause in the 1912 HOA that the addition was 3 feet over the limit. JD tries to say these are old, outdated rules that he can give 12+ examples other people have violated, no avail.


JD gets a cease building notice. Told to tear it down. 10 months legal battle. Literally ruins relationships of parents, kids…just a huge pain in the *** over nothing.

Lori avoids JD and family. Maria is smug and a huge jerk speaking at every HOA meeting taking the mantle on this fight. Literally yells at JD and his wife when she sees them.

JD gets word the final decision is coming to a head. All parties involve in a packed HOA meeting. Maria pressed her point to get it torn down.

He had an ace up his sleeve!

JD gets up and says, “Ok, fine. I’ll accept your ruling to tear it down. If we’re going to stick to the letter of the law of these outdated rules then turn to page 127 section 1 – “No minorities will be allowed to live, rent or stay in said neighborhood….” Goes on to list every minority you can think of.

Maria is Hispanic. Her face goes pale.

JD goes, “Are we done with this nonsense?”

They were. HOA rejected, he finished addition. Neighbors all can’t stand each other. Maria moved away shortly thereafter.

JD won but they even moved away a few years later. Didn’t need to happen.”

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I didn’t see that twist ending coming!

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