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Parents Gave Away Some Of Their Expensive Collectibles, So They Demanded To Be Paid Back For Them

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Keep your hands to yourself, Mom and Dad!

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, you’d think so…but you know how people can be…

Check out this person’s Reddit story and see if you think he took things too far when his parents did him dirty.

AITA for making my parents replace my “toys” they decided to give away?

“I’m moving to another city for work. Since I’m an adult and not a college kid I hired movers.

Thanks for nothing…

My parents insisted on coming down to help me pack up. I live in their basement suite. It was cheap and they let me have my privacy.

They brought my brother and my nephew. The four of them were as helpful as a bag of used horse jimmies.

Especially my nephew.

My parents decided to keep him busy by giving him one of my Lego sets to play with. I collect them.

What I usually do is buy two of the same one. I build one, put it up for display and leave the other one in the box to trade or sell.

He took it upstairs to stay out of the way then he took it home. All I noticed is that he was out from under foot.

They were pretty annoyed by all of this.

The next day I saw the box on the garbage. I didn’t assume. I knew the answer already but I didn’t assume. I went upstairs to talk to them. I asked where the Lego box came from. They said they gave it to Travis to keep him busy. I told them that they needed to replace it.

They said I was being childish for caring so much about a toy. I said they could replace it or I would file an insurance claim and that would probably require a police report.

My dad got angry. He pulled out $70 and told me I was an ******* for making a fuss over a toy. I asked him if that was a down payment? He said that is what he spent on the last Lego gift he got me for Christmas and that is what those helmets cost.

I showed him the box. I told him to keep his money.

He just had to give me a sealed box like the one he stole.

This was getting ugly.

He said he didn’t steal anything. He took the box and went to the Lego store nearby.

When he came back he was apologetic. He said he would get it back from my nephew. I said I wanted a sealed box with the Tie Fighter helmet.

I even went on eBay to help him find one cheaper than he had found by himself at the collectibles store the guy at the Lego store sent him to. With shipping it would only be $300. He ordered it. He isn’t happy about it.

My mom is upset that I’m expecting that much money for a toy. My dad is upset that I didn’t explain before he went and made a fool of himself at the store. I’m upset that they stole from me.


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Don’t give away things that aren’t yours!

And that’s today’s life lesson…

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