June 24, 2024 at 4:33 pm

Rude HOA Board Members Bullied Community Members, So One Person Stood Up To Them And Got Them Fired

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Another day, another story about HOA members gone wild

And these folks eventually got what was coming to them!

Read on to get all the details!

Got two HOA board members removed from board because they tried to bully me.

“I didn’t really pay attention to my HOA.

It’s a new community (under 2 years). I only went to my first meeting because a neighbor I’ve become buddies with told me HOA was being shady.

My undergrad degree is in Poli Sci, so being a government structure/process nerd I figured I’d check out the shenanigans for myself.

At the meeting one of the board members was being confronted about something he’d done. Initially I had no clue what they were talking about, but by listening I quickly understood the context and scope.

This didn’t look good…

The board member responds to the questions by yelling and using pretty abusive language towards the residents who were asking him questions about what he did. That’s a red flag.

During his tirade, he told the people confronting him that he didn’t answer to him. 2nd Board Member chimed in saying we were powerless and repeats the “we don’t have to answer to you”. Second red flag. I’d had enough.

It was time for some TRUTH.

I raise my hand, the president (nice board member and good guy in general) recognizes me, gives me the floor. Since it’s my first time there the fight paused and it got quiet (it was weird). I simply but clearly told the two jerk board members that in fact we are the only people they answers to in this role.

First jerk board member didn’t like that and instantly because abusive towards me and started to try to bully me. Now, I’m a sleeping bear. I don’t mess with anyone, but if someone messes with me, I make it my mission to let them know I can be the bigger bully.

After his response to me, another resident said to him “We’ve lost faith in you, you should step down”. The board member replied “I’ve lost faith in you!” (made no sense). A second resident said basically to step down or we’ll recall you. The board member said “you’ll have to force me off”.

I then said “Then that’s what we’ll do!”

You got it, buddy!

In the next few days I analyzed my state’s HOA laws and my HOA’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, and covenants. I realize the election of the two jerk board members was completely against the bylaws.

So I wrote a demand letter to the HOA’s attorney stating that the election of these two was in violation of our bylaws and they must be removed from the board. Attorney agreed with my analysis and the two members were forced off the board.

Anticlimactic, but go government structure/process nerds!”

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Sometimes, it takes a while…

But bullies always get theirs in the end!

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