June 10, 2024 at 10:48 pm

Some Entitled Male Employees Prevented Her From Leaving A Store, So She Smudged The Glass Door They Had Just Finished Cleaning

by Ryan McCarthy

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If there’s one thing straight guys love to do, its “assert their dominance.”

It could be something as little as accidentally bumping shoulders, and suddenly they’re up in your face asking why you’re “disrespecting” them.

So when this user was stopped from leaving a store by two idiots who refused to move out of her way, she got her revenge by making them re-clean the glass door they had just wiped off!

Check it out!

I Smudge Up Their Window Because They Wouldn’t Move Out Of My Way

My (30f) husband (31m) and I like to spend our mornings together since we’re on opposite schedules.

Usually, this means he’ll make coffee and I’ll make breakfast, then we check in about our days and the goals we want to achieve, before going about our days separately.

Sometimes- when we’re feeling active or have run out of coffee- we’ll walk the half a mile to the local convenience store and grab a cheap coffee and a snack before walking back home.

But one of these coffee runs was not the romantic moment that she and her husband were hoping for!

On this day, I was admittedly feeling pretty rough as I did not sleep at all the night before.

My husband was in a similar state, but was encouraging me to try to start the day on a happy note being cheesy and lovey dovey in the store.

We grabbed our coffee, and as we were paying the cashier noticed my husband’s shirt and wanted to talk to him about it (a niche low key video game reference).

I decided I’d go wait for him outside since it was nice and warm and the sun was starting to rise.

But there was an obstacle, two obstacles in fact, that were blocking her from the vitamin D she was craving!

However, two employees were blocking the only entrance- a glass door- and seemingly didn’t notice me.

I did that awkward thing where I moved both my arms like I was trying to swim around them and cleared my throat.

I even tried to say “excuse me” a couple of times- very clearly trying to get outside, but they didn’t budge.

They were deep in conversation about this very attractive woman who had just left.

They made a joke about how they just cleaned the door to check her out as she walked away.

No matter what she did, these two bozos weren’t clearing out of her way, and it was starting to seem intentional!

I stood there completely dumbfounded and wave sheepishly at them.

At this point, one of the guys shifted to turn his back at me BUT STILL DIDN’T MOVE.

He just lowered his voice, said something I couldn’t hear, and then both laughed.

It was almost like they wanted me trapped there, so I started tapping my foot and asked if they’d kindly get out of my way.

They did not.

So with no other options, she called for backup: her husband!

I glanced back at my husband- smiling and laughing with the cashier- and gave him the look.

He wrapped up his conversation, met my side, and both men nonverbally got out of our way immediately.

I pushed open the door placing my palm on the glass instead of the handle and smudged the whole thing up.

One of the men had the audacity to call me out for it, saying he’d just cleaned it, but I ignored him.

But considering their stupid little mind games, she didn’t feel one bit bad about it!

When we were a good bit away, my husband asked me what that was about.

I’m not usually so passive aggressive. I explained the situation and he laughed.

We have this joke about how he noticed when we walk together, men will automatically move out of the way for him but won’t move for me.

They expect me to move for them, so he playfully gave me the full sidewalk.

I love my husband.

What kind of stupid “alpha” behavior were these two jokers trying to pull?

And how tough were they if they scurried out of the way when her husband showed up?

Reddit said she was more patient than they would have been, and these guys would have caught some elbows.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Others thought that if they were her, some coffee might have found its way onto the newly cleaned door.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Many commented on how attentive her husband was to her.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And this user said that men refusing to move for women was all too common in this day and age.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Finally, this woman said she’s even started standing her ground as she walks by men, even if it means she almost got run over!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

These guys sound like absolute chumps.

Cleaning the window again is the least of what they deserve.

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