June 27, 2024 at 6:35 am

Starbucks Employee Said That Tips Are Being Withheld From Unionized Workers By The Company

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@ex_barista

Unions seem to be doing pretty well in America these days in some sectors and parts of the country, but, according to a video posted by a TikTokker named Meghin, things aren’t going too well with Starbucks union members. (FYI, there are 400 unionized Starbucks stores with more than 10,000 members).

In her video, Meghin claimed that, although there was an agreement reached between corporate and the unionized workers about them getting their share of credit card tips, that’s not happening.

Meghin responded to a question from a viewer who asked, “Hey why can’t union Starbucks shops receive tips? Curious customer here.”

Meghin explained, “Union stores can’t receive credit card tipping because Starbucks has been illegally withholding that benefit for almost two years now.”

Starbucks stores started allowing credit card tips in September 2022 and Meghin said that during the union negotiation process, “One of the first things that we were like ‘We need to put in there’ is credit card tipping.”

Source: TikTok

In an interview, Meghin explained, “So far from what I know there is still no credit card tipping in union stores that haven’t had credit card tipping but I haven’t heard from Starbucks or anybody about it.”

She added, “This was obviously an attempt to punish union partners and keep new stores from organizing, but guess what, that didn’t work.”

Source: TikTok

Megan said, “You may have heard of this new agreement between Starbucks and the Union, they’re gonna be getting together soon to discuss a foundational framework that is designed to achieve collective bargaining.”

She added, “We know it’s gonna take a little bit of time before credit card tipping is in all the union stores, but Starbucks just know, we’re watching you and we’re waiting.”

Source: TikTok

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