June 29, 2024 at 11:44 am

HOA Said The Car They Parked On The Street Was Derelict, So They Got It Nice And Muddy To Prove That It Ran Just Fine

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pexels

It’s time for another HOA story, folks!

And this one is DIRTY…but probably not in the way you expect.

Read on to get all the details!

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Mud happens.

“As anyone that lives in a neighborhood with an HOA knows, sometimes they like to nitpick.

I had an old Chevy Blazer that I used mostly to get through deep snow, or go camping and play around in the mountains. It sat mostly on the street in front of my house.

I didn’t have room to park in the driveway lest I block access to my garage, where I park my daily driver. My “pig” wasn’t pretty, but it ran and was my toy, my workhorse when needed.

Then, it happened…

Because it spent most of the time at the curb, one day I get a letter in the mail stating I need to move my “derelict vehicle” or face fines.

The letter stated “During our visits (more like patrols) in the neighborhood, we have seen no indication that your vehicle works or has moved in several months.”

The week the letter came, we had had significant rain for the area. And with rain comes mud. And boy did I find mud. The pig and I enjoyed an afternoon of sloshing through it.

Nice and dirty!

Top to bottom and all sides in between caked in thick, clay, mud. And after we our frolic through the muck and mire, I put him back in his customary place.

My lot was on the corner, and uphill from the rest of the street. So, as luck would have it, when we got a little more rain it got washed off and painted the street downhill from me brown.

Take that!

This was wonderful. There was no language in the HOA agreement that said anything about mud coming from vehicles. No, the only thing that could not come from your vehicles without penalty was massive amounts of fluids, or failing parts.

They got their proof it is indeed not derelict. And I got the satisfaction of making a mess on their pretty road.

Mud happens.”

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You want mud…I’ll show you mud…

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