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Their Boss Wasn’t Happy With Them When They Couldn’t Make It To Work During a Snowstorm, So They Maliciously Accepted His Offer To Not Work For A Week

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@grianghraf

Sure, I’ll take a whole week off!

Thank you so much!

That’s how the person who wrote this story on Reddit responded to their boss but things didn’t turn out the way THE MAN thought it would.

Read on and see what you think…

Boss turns my snow day into a snow week. Delight ensues.

“I worked for a restaurant chain during college.

One winter we had a big snowstorm and I was effectively snowed in at my apartment. My car at that time was a piece of junk and couldn’t make it up the incline of my driveway for me to get out.

Sorry, not gonna make it!

I could walk to the gas station to get supplies but otherwise I was stuck. I called my boss at the restaurant to tell him what’s going on and that I wouldn’t be able to make it into work that evening.

Our exchange went a little like this:

“Hey Boss, I’m snowed in at my apartment and can’t make it into work this evening”

“Are you serious? You’re gonna do this to me tonight of all nights?” *it was a Friday night

“Sorry. I don’t want to but I literally can’t drive out of my apartment driveway”

“Can’t you just walk to work?”

“It’s like 5 miles…and it’s 10 below zero…I’m not doing that”


“Well if that’s the kind of work ethic you’re bringing here then why don’t you take the rest of the week off?!”

“Really….because that would be great. Thanks boss!”

After this I hung up and ignored all calls from my boss. I spent the week playing Skyrim and enjoyed myself immensely.

A few of my coworkers called asking where I was but I explained to them that I was snowed in at my apartment and that our boss had given me the week off.

Did you learn a lesson?

After a week I called my boss and asked him if he’d like me to come back in and work some shifts. His only response was a very tired “yeah…..that’d be nice”.

Things went back to normal after that and there was no friction between me and my boss but I will always think back to that week with fondness.”

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Sometimes, the only thing you can say is YES.

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