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Company Told Employee He Wasn’t Qualified For A Job He Wanted To Apply For, So When They Asked Him To Do The Job For The Same Salary, He Demanded An Immediate Raise

by Ashley Ashbee

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If you’ve ever been held back by office politics when trying to ascend the corporate ladder, this post is especially for you.

It’s very rare that an opportunity presents itself to own the person who held you back.

Read and enjoy — with a glass of bubbly, perhaps.

Partner told not qualified for a job, until they needed him to fill in

My partner wanted to apply for a project management job in his current company.

It would be a promotion and salary upgrade.

The division head where the job was located told him not to bother applying as he wasn’t qualified.

Then the person they hired for the job had to go on medical leave for 3-4 months.

In a meeting between partner’s section and division head (one who told him not to bother applying for position) he stated that my partner could just fill in to do the job while other person was gone.

Then his partner took this opportunity to blab in the most satisfying way possible.

In front of everyone from both his company and all the division bigwigs, partner said in a completely calm, expressionless voice,

“You told me last year I wasn’t qualified to do the job so not to even bother applying as you’d make sure I didn’t get it. However, if you now feel I am now qualified, I will be happy do the job temporarily at the higher salary.”

The room was silent.

It was so delightfully awkward, plus a double victory for this person.

The director of the division looked at the head and asked “Did you actually say that?”

When the guy stuttered and tried to explain, the director held up his hand to stop him from incriminating himself and the division, and told the guy:

“We will discuss this later. Meanwhile, you will be taking over the position duties while the person is on medical leave.”

My partner’s boss told him she about bust from keeping the laughter in at the guy’s face and wished she could be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation.

Let’s take a look at the comments.

Sweet. This kind of thing makes no sense.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

A few people pointed out that there was no info on the new package. I’m curious!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This is a good question. Maybe at the time it felt risky to rock the boat?

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I hope their bosses learned and didn’t do that to another person again.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I bet. Just one of many reasons I’m glad to be a freelancer.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Why are so many managers like this?!

They’re only shooting themselves in the foot.

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