June 25, 2024 at 6:37 pm

This Employee Got An Unexpected Reaction After Sharing The Good News Of His Promotion. – ‘He got a slew of unhinged texts.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber

If you’ve ever shared a promotion on LinkedIn, you’re pretty much expecting simple congratulations messages, right?

There’s no way you’d ever suspect you post some good news like that and you’re gonna get unrivalled hate.

But that’s how it went for one guy who shared the good news of his promotion and I’m sure regretted it immediately – at least, that’s how his wife @sensible_amber tells it.

She said a co-worker got in touch and said he’d been unfairly passed over for the promotion and went on to fire off a string of hate-filled messages to the guy.

Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber

Therapist and author Amber Wardell told her followers in a viral TikTok how this had happened to her husband, after he was promoted!

She said: “Yesterday, my husband announced his promotion on LinkedIn. And within a few hours, he got a slew of unhinged texts from one of his co-workers. This guy started going on and on about how he is more competent, more capable, smarter than my husband. It was utterly unfair that my husband got this promotion, and he didn’t.”

Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber

Ouch, now no one needs that! Let’s hope the husband didn’t let that slide! Nasty behaviour. Well, turns out he didn’t. Read on.

She added: “When he asked my husband why he got the promotion, my husband said, ‘Hey, didn’t you make that huge mistake with one of our clients a few weeks ago, and we lost the deal? And not only was I not the one who lost that deal, but I also was the one who stuck up for you and tried to make sure that you didn’t get in any more trouble than you had to be.’”

Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber

The co-worker responded by calling her husband a “d**k,’ she claimed. Double ouch.

She said: “Let this be a reminder that somewhere out there, the most dysregulated person you know is telling themselves and everyone else that you are the problem.”

Why can’t people just be happy for others?!

Watch the full clip here:


Let those dysregulated people continue their path to their own idea of happiness and peace. You pursue yours, and wish them well. The path they’re on is going to be hard enough. #selflove #selfcare #emotionregulation #dysregulation #dysregulated #toxic #therapy #healing #healingjourney #letthem #pursuitofhappiness #protectyourpeace

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Therapy ha! I think she’s more calling bad behaviour out.

Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber


Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber


Source: TikTok/@sensible_amber

Most people agree the co-worker was definitely out of line.

How could they not?

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