June 27, 2024 at 3:46 am

Fast Food Employee Figured That Aggressive Kindness Is The Approach That Would Be The Faster Way To Get Under A Rude Cust Customer’s Skin

by Michael Levanduski

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Fast food workers are some of the hardest working and most underpaid people on the planet.

To make it worse, they are also treated poorly by customers on a regular basis.

Most of the time they just have to take it, but in this story, the worker got a little petty revenge.

And they did it very politely.

Check it out.

“Hold on a second…”

A fast food order taker just owned this gargantuan mega jerk in front of me at the drive through about an hour ago.

There was a long line at Whataburger but it was moving nonetheless.

Car in front pulls up.

The order taker: “Welcome to whataburger, can I get a name for the order?”

No response.

If there is a line at the drive-through, you better have your order ready when it is your turn!

Approximately 15-20 seconds a chicks head pops out and (rather aggressively IMO) “hold on a second..”

Silence and about a minute goes by and I get slightly annoyed.

I kid you not this is where the worker (in my mind) goes “oh heck naw.”

The girl in the car gets out “ I WANT..”

“Want to make me wait? I’ll return the favor!”

The worker, a little less aggressively, says “hold on a second PLEASE.”

I hear a chuckle because the car behind me was also paying attention.

I look in the mirror and we’re both trying to quietly snicker so the girl can’t hear us..

THEN after what almost seemed like the same amount of time passed.

The worker with the most dry passive aggressive tone: “I’m SOOOOO sorry about that go ahead with your order please.”

That is a very specific order.

The driver, rather aggressively again: “I want a number 3 only one slice of cheese and instead of a bun I want toast. No onions, no mustard, extra pickles, and make the meal large sized, but I only want the fries large and keep the drink medium sized.”

What the heck?

With that attitude lady, I’d make sure to forget the burger patties in your sandwich or something awesome.

Cars move, I order and she gets asked to move up so I can pay.

She barely moves.

So the workers asks her again to move but further to the end of the building.

She moves and I move up as asked.

No need to rush out to the rude customer.

A few minutes pass and I hear the door open and the worker with her order slowly saunters out, stops before the door closes, answers someone’s question, and continued a short lovely evening stroll to the end of the building.

Where you can see the chick in the car seething.

She looks in the bag and asks for something.

That is a little rude, but I love it.

The worker, without pause: “we’re out.” And turns and then hurriedly goes inside.

Well played late night Whataburger lady. Very well played.

For context, I work in the industry and spent all morning remembering omelette ingredient orders for brunch and people were all over the place instead of listing the items they wanted in the order the bowls are right in front of them.

So her tone along with a massively modified order, made me wish she’d die horribly.

But that worker kept calm and murdered her in broad daylight with kindness and won.

On the one hand, this worker was a little rude and should try to do better.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine having to deal with customers like this all day long so I totally understand it.

Let’s see what other Redditors have to say.

I could just hear the attitude of the customer when I read it.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

I guess Whataburger has a reputation for being slow.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Yeah, this is a problem with most people these days.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Treat fast food workers with respect!

If you have to wait 5-10 minutes for your food, so be it.

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