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When Customers Complained About His Delivery Methods, He Made Sure To Listen Very Carefully And Maliciously Comply

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Yes, ma’am. Whatever you say, sir. Of course, madam.

That’s what I picture this guy saying to his customers as they screech at him about what NOT to do when delivers their goods to them.

Because all he can do is comply, right?

Check out what he had to say on Reddit.

Evening delivery drivers love to “Comply”.

“So I’m a 28 (m) and my job is to deliver Milk and goods overnight as people sleep.

I’ve been doing this job for close to a year and have always done my deliveries the same way.

However recently for 1 night I had 3 homes that were suddenly in a bad mood and tried to give me some trouble…

Ya know, As people do.

So firstly I was heading to an area with 3 homes for delivery, Which I just run on their driveways because why wouldn’t I.

Normally it’s quiet but today I had a black BMW slowly moving ahead of me going the same way into the same street.

We both parked up and I grabbed the deliveries and ran to each door.

Made the first delivery then ran across a driveway to get to the house next to it or I’d need to run around a massive bush so I go across the drive.

Deliver and run back…Remember that black BMW?

She wasn’t happy about this.

Well a woman left it and barked at me for running over her driveway which ok I get but she shouted (Late at night I should add)

“Don’t run across MY driveway!”

Then stormed off…I simply said ok while continuing to deliver to the last house.

Well her driveway has a very small lawn around it so now i run over that. She’s looked at me a few times from her window but hasn’t said a word…

I mean I did comply, I didn’t run on her driveway.

Second one was an area with 2 homes for delivery, 3 homes with 1 and 3 needing a delivery so I park up near house 2 so I can run to 1 and 3 however house 2 has a tiny patch of grass that leads to 3.

I’ve been running over this for a year but it’s so small that 1 foot is all that lands on it but today the owner poked his head out and again at night shouted to “DO NOT STEP ON MY LAWN!”

You got it…

Like before I said “sure” as I continued to run because If I stop to interact then I know they’ll go on and on…

Next time I went there, There he was watching so I did just what he said.

I ran as per usual and jumped over the grass, Delivered then ran and jumped over it again, Got in the van and drove off…I mean I complied right?

Last one of the night was a really old lady. Just a single delivery but to her house.

She has a stone walkway with no other way to get to the door but for some reason was really annoyed because I “Shifted too many stones with my massive feet and boots!”

I’m a size 12 (UK size) wearing steel capped construction boots because a crate of milk falling on your feet will deal some nasty damage.

Here you go!

So instead I just jumped onto her wall, Walked across it. Dropped off her milk and off I went, I’m 6 foot 4 so this tiny wall was effortless to step on.

She just looked at me. Said nothing but huff and walked in with her milk.

Another happy customer.

Funnily enough these are the only issues I’ve ever had in 1 year…I guess the world decided to change it up a bit.”

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Sometimes, all you can do is comply when people complain…

This seems like a mature way to handle things.

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