June 20, 2024 at 7:28 am

Woman Comes Home To Her Entitled Mother-In-Law Stealing Their Food, So She Decides She’s Had Enough And Packs Her Bags

by Ryan McCarthy

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Nothing gets on my nerves more than roommates who decide to eat food they didn’t pay for. It’s just plain rude, and can screw you out of a dinner you had thought you could count on.

But if someone who didn’t even live with me had the nerve to come over to my house and take food out of my fridge for their own pantry? They’re getting chewed out, even if they are family!

So when this user came home to her unemployed mother-in-law rooting through her fridge, it was her last straw, and she told her husband his family needed to start supporting themselves!

Was she being too petty over food? Decide for yourself

AITA for starting a fight over groceries?

My husband and I are from entirely different cultures. His family has always been overbearing, especially his mother.

He has always helped them out financially or with food. He had 6 siblings, and his parents were always struggling.

This was fine until he was laid off from his good-paying tech job, and we had to start budgeting.

He still gives his family money to the point that I already opened a non-joint checking account, and I have my checks directly deposited there to make sure bills are paid.

But despite things being tight financially, OP’s mother-in-law still felt entitled to the food in their freezer!

I come home early from work, and his mom goes through our freezer and fills up bags of food for herself and her adult children who still live at home.

I lost it on his mom, who has always been a homemaker and told her to get a job and stop stealing our food.

My husband, her, and I got into this huge screaming match after I spoke to his mother. I told them I’m not supporting an abled body adult who can get a job.

On top of that, I said they needed to assimilate into our culture now that his family lives here because food is too  expensive for her shop from my fridge.

Apparently this was OP’s last straw, because she was soon packing her bags to stay with her family…

This escalated to me being called names insensitive and worse.

I packed two suitcases in front of his mother and I am staying with my family.

I do not care if an eviction is on my credit report and I’m no longer helping out him or his freeloading family.

Things soon got so heated that her husband’s family had even resorted to calling her slurs.

I have had lots of slurs towards me over the last few days when my husband has tried to talk to me about our debts.

I told him he could sue me, but I know right now he can not afford to place we live in, the utilities or even pay for food.

I really don’t care about him or his freeloading family right now. AITA?

Absolutely not! I would have left right when she did, when his family was coming into stock up their pantry from ours! But if they had the nerve to use a slur against me? Forget about it.

Reddit of course, was on her side, and said that this wasn’t a racial issue, but an issue with their views on finance.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Others agreed, saying if her husband wanted to get a job to support them, that was on him.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user said that OP’s husband would never change, and that she should get out while she could.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said that her husband most likely didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t provide for his family anymore, and expected her to protect his ego.

Source: Reddit/AITA


You feel entitled to our groceries? Have you ever considered getting a job to pay for them yourself?

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