June 21, 2024 at 2:26 pm

Woman Has Epic Rant About A Delivery That Came Too Early While She Was At Work

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

A lot of things have returned to normal since COVID, but not everything.

According to this shopper, some things are still in pandemic-mode, like home deliveries that require someone to be home.

“Does no one on this ******* planet understand that not everyone works from home?!”

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

She was expecting a custom upholstered chaise longue to be delivered after her shift. It’s a type of seat for resting on.

Unfortunately, it came early and with barely enough warning for her to deal with it.

“I work at the hospital… We don’t get the luxury of parking right outside our place of employment… I leave early enough to make the trek in 80 degree weather.”

But that turned out to not be enough time to make it.

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

“I am walking uphill and I get a call from this metropolitan delivery company: ‘Hey! I’m 10 minutes away.'”

“Not only are you supposed to call me 30 minutes before, not 10, but you said twice that the delivery window was 1:30 to 4:30.”

She points to her watch, “It’s 12:30 now.”

That works out to be about “50 minutes early… So riddle me that!”

She told him he had to wait and he said he had to speak to his dispatcher.

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

Then she does a “sprint to my car with my two bum knees.” and drives over the speeding limit.

The dispatcher calls her and says they’ve arrived and are only going to wait 10 minutes.

“You must be kidding me!”

Fortunately she gets a hold of her neighbors and they let the delivery person bring her beautiful new chaise longue inside. PTikTok, top, viral, video


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WHY IS THIS SO HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bro people WORK this has to be the worst experience ive had with furniture delivery #fyp #complaining #furnituredelivery #chaiselounge #librarytiktok #library #metgala

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Here’s what people are saying.

YES! People don’t pull times out of a hat. They mean something.

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

Oh that doesn’t sound safe!

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

I’ve been there, but fortunately I work from home.

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

A whole day?! That must be for appliances, right? SO frustrating.

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

Good neighbors rock! I hope she gave them a nice thank you gift.

Source: TikTok/@hannuhwalker

I hope they don’t deliver children.

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