June 16, 2024 at 8:20 pm

Woman Shows Her Husband The Puzzle She Took Hours To Complete, But Then He Ruins It In The Blink Of An Eye

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

There is nothing as relaxing to me as getting into the zone of a puzzle. With nice mindless TV show in the background? I mean come on!

And when you put that final piece in, or finish a section that had been taking you hours, that rush of adrenaline and sense of completion are just unbeatable!

So when this user’s ex-husband cruelly destroyed the puzzle she was so happy to destroy him, it was enough for the internet to seriously tell her to kick him to the curb!

And I don’t blame them! Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

Despite its heartbreaking end, the video starts on a high note, with Becky showing her husband a cool new puzzle mat she had just gotten that she was clearly very excited about!

“See? It works! Wow! It works!” But her husband clearly hadn’t believed in the power of the puzzle board!

Pro tip for everyone out there? Puzzle boards or mats make amazing gifts for anyone in your life who loves to do puzzles.

I got my Mom one a few years ago for Christmas and she still uses it whenever she does a puzzle!

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

But her husband clearly wasn’t impressed, because as she holds it up to show him, he winds up and slams his fist into the puzzle!

What on Earth would have made him do this? What did the puzzle do to you, man?

Even if it was a prank, she had clearly just spent a good deal of time on the puzzle, and you ruined it all in seconds!

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

And sure enough, the air is just about sucked out of the room after he destroys the puzzle. She looks at him not in shock, but in plain and clear disappointment.

The look on her face is worth a thousand words, and you can see her reconsidering the life choices that led her to this sleazeball.

But considering the video starts with her referring to him as her “ex-husband” it looks like she made the right choice and dumped this loser!

Check out the video for yourself!


If anyone knows a good divorce lawyer let me know. #divorce #puzzle #destroyed

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TikTok said if this wasn’t a red flag, they didn’t know what was.

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

And this user said they’d bet moeny he tried to pass his rage off as “a joke”.

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

While others couldn’t get past that smug “Oops” he let out after ruining her project.

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

Finally, this user said destroying the things that make you happy is a sign that something is very wrong,

Source: TikTok/@bonusbecky

Find a man who will do the puzzle with you, not destroy it!

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