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Annoying Mormon Neighbor Wanted Him To Clean His Dog’s Poop Right Away, So He Followed Orders And Did His Duty In His Underwear

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/ malicious compliance/pexels/Eduraw Pro

Neighbors can be nosy, annoying, rude and have so many complaints it’s hard to believe.

And this guy’s neighbors? Yeah, they’re awful.

Find out how they made his life miserable and how he retaliated!

Oh, you mean RIGHT now? Ok!

Let me (25M) introduce you to the key players in this story.

First, we have my dog. She is a service animal, and as a result, is very well-trained.

Up next, my annoying and petty neighbors. I live in a small duplex, with an even smaller front yard that isn’t fenced in.

The only thing separating the duplex and the neighbor’s house is a very narrow driveway.

For clarification…

It’s important to note that when I refer to “the neighbors,” I am NOT referring to the residents of the connecting unit of the duplex, but the owners of the house a driveway over.

My neighbors have a history of annoying behavior.

There’s a list!

For starters, they are extremely socially awkward.

They watch over us like hawks, have never been able to hold a conversation with us despite us being friendly and trying, and are some of the most passive aggressive people on Earth.

Maybe it’s because we’re college-aged and they have something against the yutes, but whatever the reason, they have it out for us.

They’ve been a pain.

The neighbors have called our landlords to tell them that we are partying at all hours of the night.

The family (with infants) in the connecting unit… the unit that shares a wall with us… have never once complained.

When the landlord asked them about these complaints, they always denied it. For reference, aside from me, none of the other residents of the house even drink.

I drink on occasion (once every few months), but never at the house, out of respect for the sober people.

The neighbors called the city over the course of several months and got one side of the street turned into a “no parking zone,” because we have 4 cars in total (one for each person that lives in our unit) and have to park on the street.

They were trying to work things out.

This obstructed their view.

As a result, we started parking in front of their house on the legal side of the street.

One day, while we were gone, they moved their truck from their drive way (that has ample parking) to the street to block us from parking there.

Their truck didn’t move for ~6 months.

The dog had a routine.

Any time my dog goes #2 in the yard and it sits for more than a few hours, they call the landlord to report it. Because of my disability, I can’t always get to it immediately.

My landlord understands this, and understands how the neighbors are, so she had stopped saying anything aside from laughing with me about how ridiculous/annoying these people are.

This is just a short list of my grievances with our neighbors. I could go on, but by now you get the point.

Here’s the real story.

Well, yesterday morning, I let my dog out as per usual. I was in my underwear, which are thin and tight-fitting, as I had just rolled out of bed. Let’s just say that they don’t hide much of anything.

I’m standing in the doorway where my neighbor’s house is blocked from my view. As my dog is sniffing around in our yard, I look down at my phone.

She was mad at the dog!

A few seconds later, I hear our neighbor (the wife) shout “No! No! Don’t do that here! Get out of our yard! Stop that!” in a very panicked voice.

Turns out, they were all sitting outside.

By the time the neighbor had shouted, it was too late to call my dog back over, she was in the process of gifting them a big present.

He had a plan!

I shout “Hey, I’m sorry about that. I’ll come get it, give me a minute,” and call my dog back inside.

Dead silence.

About 15 seconds go by. I was on my way to my room to throw some pants and a shirt, when I hear a muffled shout from the husband, “COME PICK THIS UP RIGHT NOW!”

And that was the cherry on top!

I chuckled to myself, and shouted “OK!” with a huge grin on my face. I knew what I had to do.

I dropped the pants that I had grabbed, I turn right around, picked up a doggie bag by the door, and made my way out of the door and in to view of the husband (who is standing cross armed near the pile of poop with a rude expression and posture), the wife, and the daughter.

Watching the look of anger turn in to shock was so satisfying.

He got his daily dose of malicious compliance.

He was truly speechless, as was the rest of the family.

I’m just happy to have a story I can finally share on here.

For some context…

I also think the family is LDS (Mormon) so that is probably the most graphic display of private bits they have ever seen, at least in the non-marital sense.

The family got what they asked for! This guy couldn’t have proved his point any better!

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