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Boyfriend Proposed To Her Girlfriend Twice, And Got Rejected Both Times, So He Decided To Break Up With Her

by Heide Lazaro

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Proposals are supposed to be a magical moment. That is if the girl says yes.

However, if she says no, that’s a little heartbreaking. Worse, if she says no twice! Now, how would that go?

Read how this user shares his painful experience with his girlfriend who wouldn’t accept his marriage proposals.

AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend after she rejected my proposal twice?

Sierra and I have been dating for 4 years.

I absolutely love her, and felt like she was my soulmate.

I knew I wanted to propose 2 years into dating, but decided to wait one more year, so that I could get in a better situation financially.

Here comes the first proposal.

Last year, I proposed.

It was a private proposal on the beach where we went on our first date.

She looked at me and said, I want to marry you, but not right now.

She said she wasn’t in the right space personally to get engaged and to give her some time.

That stung, but I was ok with it. After all, I put off proposing, so I can be in a good position. It’s only fair I give her the chance.

And the second proposal.

It’s been a year since then, and I decided to propose again.

This time, I asked our friends to help me set it up, because I wanted to do something nicer.

We orchestrated a nice dinner and a proposal in front of a nice fountain in the city’s botanical garden.

Everything was ready, dinner went great, and we went to the fountain.

For the second time, she said no.

She saw the roses and everything, and then, I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me.

She teared up and told me, “Not just yet.”

This stung really bad. I knew I wanted her in my life forever, but this is the second time she turned me down.

OP asked what was holding her back.

I asked her why, and she told me the same thing as last year.

I asked her if someone was holding her back, maybe family or friend, and she just said, “I just want to make sure that this will work.”

This hurt me more than the 2 rejections.

He can’t give her time anymore.

I told her if after 4 years she isn’t sure, then what the hell will make her sure.

She asked me to give her time, and I told her no.

I told her that I’m not gonna keep wasting my time and love if she’s gonna keep saying no.

I told her that I can’t do this anymore.

He then walked away.

She began begging me not to leave and said, “Fine, I’ll marry you, just please don’t go.”

That made me mad, but I didn’t say anything.

I left.

Did he do the right thing? Or was he being a baby?

My phone has been blowing up with some of our friends, her parents, and her telling me that I’m “a jerk for throwing away a 4-year relationship because she said no, and that I was being a big baby. She just needs some time.”

The other half of our friends aren’t on my side, but they’re not on hers either.

I don’t think I’m a jerk for this.

Did I overreact? Am I an AH? If so, how much more time am I supposed to give her?

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It’s not you, it’s her. She’s clearly not sure about you, hun.

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