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Entitled Neighbor Uses Family’s Amenities For Free For Years, But When She Complains They Make Renovations So She Loses All Of Her Access

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pexels/Robyn

Some people just don’t know how to quit while they’re ahead. Especially neighbors who feel entitled to something that isn’t theirs.

You agree to accommodate a single request of theirs out of your own generosity, and suddenly they’re knocking on your door with a list of demands for you to fill out!

So while this user’s neighbor had been enjoying their amenities since they moved there, when she decided to freak out over a renovation, all of her access got cut off!

Check it out!

Sure, we’ll take that aluminum panel off of your fence…

My parents bought a property on the beach because it’s their happy place and they didn’t want to stay at hotels anymore.

The place is an older property that needed a lot of love, so we’ve been renovating it for a good year in our spare time.

Our neighbor is an older lady who runs the small motel next door.

From the very beginning, she’s been quite an annoyance, constantly doing and saying manipulative things as “favors” to make us feel like we owe her something.

Which usually ends in her being allowed to use parts of our property (an inspector checking on the renovations once saw her coming towards him and quipped “here comes trouble”).

And OP’s parents’ malicious compliance came into play when they tried updating their outdoor shower.

This story involves the side of our property that we share with her.  There’s a fence that she built and a small alleyway between the fence and our house.

This alleyway is ours and has a hose/shower area for when you come back from the beach and want to get the sand off of you.

As part of the renovations, my dad had some small aluminum panels put in on our side of the fence so that the users of the shower could have privacy.

The panels are not visible from the neighbor’s property and are completely unobtrusive.

But despite her intrusions, this neighbor was for some reason furious about the installation of the panels…

Neighbor sees them while passing by and FREAKS. Frantically calls and texts my dad begging for a call back and saying it’s an emergency.

My dad makes time to call, assuming the hose might have broken or something. Nope. Just the neighbor throwing a hissy fit over the panels.

“Take them down!!!” She insists. My dad is a very busy man and has already had enough of my neighbor’s constant annoyances.

Her claiming an emergency just for these panels finally made him snap.

The neighbor soon realized the consequences of her actions, mainly losing access to OP’s amenities she had been enjoying for so long!

My dad, the amicable man he is, agrees to take the panels down. As part of the renovations, he also has a gate put in front of that small alleyway area.

This is NOT good for my neighbor, because she had made an agreement with my father to use our hose so that her guests could rinse themselves off when coming back from the beach.

This precious hose is now behind a locked gate, the key for which, my neighbor will NOT be seeing.

On top of that, my father put a chain in front of the parking area of our house, which she was using as extra space for her guests, and where our trash cans are kept.

Trash cans which said neighbor was using to throw away her extra trash.

So the few aluminum panels ended up costing the neighbor a lot more than just her access to OP’s amenities…

Now, our neighbor will have to pay extra for a better water plan for her motel. This was something she was well aware of and trying to avoid.

She had previously told my dad about the numbers for water plans on her property vs ours, AND possibly pay for extra trash cans for her trash.

My dad is a very patient man and very hard to get angry, but once you do, you’re gonna regret it.

You give some people an inch, and suddenly they think they own the place! Imagine using your neighbor’s property for free and still having the gall to complain about what they do with it!

Reddit loved seeing OP’s parents stand their ground, but this user imagined a more explicit solution to the problem.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person was the same way, saying she was slow to anger, but once it came, it came!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said OP’s Dad should let her use the hose, but tell her the faucet was off-limits!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, many thought that OP’s parents were far more patient then they would have been!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Complain about what I do with my property? I guess you don’t get to use it for free any more!

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