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Guy Wanted His Broke Friend To Pay For Her Expenses On Their Staycation, So She Tried To Guilt Trip Him And Said His Wife Wouldn’t Appreciate His Behavior

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA

What a blessing must it be to have non-problematic friends group!

This guy however, isn’t that lucky because his friends might end up ruining his wife’s birthday.

Let’s check out what happened.

AITA for refusing to allow one of my wife’s best friends on her surprise 30th birthday weekend away?

Hi everyone!

My wife is 30 years old in October this year and I set up a WhatsApp group and invited 7 of our friends in to arrange a couple of nights away as a surprise.

He wanted to accommodate everyone’s needs!

As many in the group are struggling for money, I’ve tried to keep it as cheap as possible. Most places I found online were too expensive, however I found a suitable place in both facilities and price and booked it.

The only negative I suppose is that it isn’t far away at all – but we just intend to stay at the accommodation and use the hot tub they have and the decent sized table to play games.

Everyone’s on the same page!

Everyone, bar one, is happy to pay. Even though it is close by, it is still a weekend free of kids and has a hot tub – something none of us have.

This one friend though, wants to get a taxi to and from on the first night then drive the second.

Now, AITA for saying no?

Everyone has paid a certain amount so its only fair!

The rest of us have paid x amount for the use of the facilities and use of the house, but she wants to get it for free basically, and justify it by not stay over.

I said in the group that I can’t have that, it’s not fair on the rest of us. She asked if I was being serious and I said I was.

She flipped, said it’s not fair and that she would do something separate and quit the group.

She kept going on and on about it.

She’s then messaged me reiterating how unfair I’ve been and that I’ve singled her out in front of everyone. She says she can’t afford it and that my wife will want her to be there.

Now I’ve got it on good advice that she has thousands in savings and far more disposable income than anyone else in the group, so her saying she can’t afford it is utter garbage to me.

She doesn’t feel good about the arrangement.

She says I’ve made her upset, feel like crap and she’s been crying about it.

Now AITA for firstly telling her she can’t come based on the above, then also sticking to my guns about it?

What’s more, I play fortnite with her and my wife on a team, and this is going to mess things about.

The squad might get messed up.

I think it’s going to make it very hard to keep it a surprise to my wife going forward.

End of the say she was wanting use of the house and facilities and not to pay for it and I’ve said she’s not coming if she’s not paying.

You pay or you don’t come! Isn’t it supposed to be that simple?

Guess she just wanted to create a mess about it.

But let’s find out what folks on Reddit think about this story.

This person thinks the wife might not feel good about this arrangement.

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This person has some assumptions about the group.

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This person thinks the man could’ve communicated privately.

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This person doesn’t understand the math here.

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This person finds it absurd that the girl refuses to pay.

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If she’s reading this, the world wants you to pay for your expenses!

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