July 1, 2024 at 7:48 pm

He Owns A Home And Has A Roommate Who Won’t Turn Off The Lights, So He Keeps Bugging Them Because Electricity Bills Are High

by Ashley Ashbee

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Living with someone can be hard. Living with your landlord can be that much harder.

Even electricity use can spark a dispute.

Keep reading to see what happened when these two roommates didn’t see eye to eye.

AITA for letting my roommate know that they need to turn off the light when they’re not in their room?

I own my home and charge my roommate $500/mo flat rate every month.

Utilities are all included, but for some reason, my roommate thinks that they’re entitled to leave their Alexa powered light on maybe 16 hours a day 7 days a week.

There is no plants or animals in their room, so I feel as if they don’t need to leave their light on even when they’re not home.

Both sides stand firm.

Their reasoning is, and I quote “LEDs don’t use electricity, just the fixture” and “So I am an expert in electronics, and LED’s use like no electricity”.

I refuted the point by claiming that they do use electricity even if it’s a little, it adds up over time.

Plus, they do this in every room in the house, they’ll leave the kitchen lights on, go to their room for 20 minutes and when they come out and the kitchen light is off, they’ll say some **** like “Who turned off my light? I was using it.”

I would say something like “No one was in here, and how difficult is it to turn the light on again?”

OP sees another reason to insist on conserving energy.

Electricity has gone up to $700/mo from $200/mo after they moved in.

They leave their lights on, brought a fridge into their room and leave their gaming computers on all day.

I don’t even ask them to unplug the fridge or computers, I’m just asking for the light to be turned off which is easily done without touching the switch because they installed an Alexa to turn off their light.

AITA for telling them to turn off the light when they aren’t using it?

Check out what people are saying.

Right? I thought it was weird that OP assumes it’s the lights.

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I wonder what else he micromanages…

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Exactly. I wonder what he’s leaving out of the story.

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I can’t get over why he thinks a few lights would make the rent jump that high.

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TOTAL nightmare. Yikes.

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If it’s not in the contract, it doesn’t count.

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