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He Thought He And His Wife Had Picked The Perfect Baby Name, But Then His Sister-In-Law Got Involved And Now Daddy Isn’t Happy

by Jayne Elliott

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Deciding what to name your baby is a very important decision for parents.

In today’s story, a dad is upset that his sister-in-law thinks she should have final decision on his child’s baby name, and his wife seems surprised that he’s upset.

Let’s see how the story unfolds…

AITA for telling my wife I’m not okay with her naming our daughter with her sister instead of me?

My wife (26f) is pregnant with our first child. She did a test to determine the sex of the baby early in her pregnancy (first trimester) and we found out we were going to be parents to a little girl.

Really quickly we decided our daughter was going to be named Adora. The name holds special meaning to us. She was always a huge fan of She-Ra and loved the OG show and the remake.

We actually bonded over the remake show. I (27m) thought it was a sweet name and loved that it had a deeper personal connection for the two of us. The middle name was still not entirely set in stone but the first name was.

At least he thought the first name was set in stone.

My wife is now 6 months pregnant and her twin sister is expecting a baby boy 3 months after our daughter is due.

Three weeks ago they started talking about baby names and all of a sudden my wife told me that she and her sister decided the babies should have timeless names that fit with their family names (Emily and Elizabeth, James and Haley, their parents, William, Hannah and Grace, their siblings).

So my wife and her sister chose the name Katherine for our daughter instead and SILs son will be Alexander.

The dad-to-be is not happy about the name change.

I was hurt and more than a little peeved.

My wife asked me why I had that expression on my face and I told her I was not okay with her naming our daughter with her sister instead of me.

I told her we had chosen the name Adora. She never expressed second thoughts about the name. We were just working on a middle name.

I told her I was supposed to be the baby’s other parent, not her sister, yet she takes her sisters opinion on board and decides they’ll name the child we’re having together.

I told her I had not expected that from her. That I thought she truly respected me and was excited to be on this journey together.

The mom-to-be seemed surprised that the name change was a problem.

She asked me if I was really that upset about it.

I said yes. I told her I wouldn’t lie and say I was okay with it.

I told her she basically cut me out of the process in the end if she were to go ahead with this.

My wife has been quiet since this.

Now the sister is upset too.

Her sister was furious with me for telling my wife I wasn’t okay with it.

She told me I should respect their twinness and I got to make all other decisions with my wife so why was I being such an asshole about this.

She told me to get over myself and then she accused me of acting like a child.

Family drama is always the worst. Ugh.

Let’s see what folks on Reddit had to say…

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It can be hard to set boundaries with in-laws, but this mom-to-be needs to realize that she’s having a baby with her husband not her sister.

His opinion should definitely take priority.

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