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Her Father Told Her To Name Her Baby After A Man She Never Knew, But After She Refused The Accused Her Of Being Insensitive

by Abby Jamison

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People can be pretty particular about how and what they name their kids.

But what would you do if someone assumed you were naming your child after someone before even asking you?

For this woman, her parents have a pretty crazy request for their future grandchild’s name.

Here’s exactly what happened…

AITA for telling my dad to correct his and his wife’s lie to his stepdaughter or he can deal with the consequences?

My dad remarried when I was 12 after the death of my mom. My dad’s wife was a widow also and had a 7 year old daughter at the time.

I didn’t blend the way they wanted me to.

I don’t hate my dad’s wife or daughter. I never felt a family bond with them, though.

But my stepsister can be really sweet. She’s also special needs and behaves very young as a result.

She struggles to comprehend things the way someone her age (20) would. And her view of the world is very young.

It makes her far easier to manipulate and far easier to upset.

This has caused problems in the past…

There were times when I still lived with them that I had to be SO careful about the things I talked about because she would get so upset.

Movies had to be very happy and cheerful and could not have death or bullying or any sarcasm in them because they could really upset her.

Which is why I’m so angry right now.

So I’m expecting a baby and my stepsister was so excited the last time she saw me and she told me she was so excited for me to have a boy named after her dad.

I asked her what she meant and she told me my dad and her mom told her that I was going to name a boy after her dad like I’d name a girl after my mom.

She was shocked…

She told me she hopes I have a boy and she was so excited and so easily believed that I was going to do that.

I mentioned this to my dad and he sheepishly admitted they had told her that and that they were going to ask me to considering naming a son after my stepsister’s dad because it would mean so much to her.

I told him I wasn’t going to do that and he should have known that.

He told me they figured but they also really wanted his stepdaughter to be happy.

I spoke to him with his wife present and told him to correct the lie they told or he can deal with the consequences of not doing so. She told me I would be heartless to deny her daughter this.

My dad asked why I wouldn’t do it and I told him because I’m not the one who told the lie. I told him the choice was up to him and he can live with the consequences.

They said I was blackmailing them and playing games which wasn’t fair.


Here’s what Reddit users had to say…

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Another user thinks the parents are crazy for this request.

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Other Reddit users warned her about future problems.

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These parents have some serious nerve to make an assumption like this.

Good on her for standing up for herself!

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