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His Manager Insisted He Yell While He’s Working, But It Backfired And The Manager Was Asked To Leave

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance/Pexels/DrewRae

Sometimes, a manager will make a rule that you know is dumb, but you have to do it anyway.

That’s what this person did, and it made for a pretty funny reaction.

Let’s get into the story…

You want to hear me call-out? Got it boss!

A few years ago, I was working in a casino that was having some management issues. The Casino Manager was switching out bosses, trying to find one who could help them win more.

For reference, dealers make tips, rely on them to pay our bills. Just like waiters and waitresses, we make crappy wages. Its in our best interest to make people happy, they are more likely to tip us.

We get this boss who tries to be a smart-a**, but while he can dish it, can’t take it. He gets angry if I respond back to him as he talks to me.

This causes some issues…

Anyway, one day he comes up with a rule, where when dealing craps, he wants to be able to hear the stick-calls from the other side of the pit.

Cue malicious compliance. In a bigger casino, I can be heard on New Years Eve, from across the casino. I can be SUPER loud.

So, per his request, I start making all my stick-calls so he can hear it from anywhere – even in the back of the casino, near the employee entrance to the public area.

He caught some attention…

No one really says much about this, till one day the Casino Manager wants to watch the craps game, and sits box (he sits at the craps table to watch the action).

I of course am doing my normal LOUD speel. When asked about it, I let him know that the shift boss instructed me to do this.

After the casino manager talked to the shift boss, not only was I told he no longer needed me to be heard that loudly, but said shift boss goes back to the sister casino, losing his temporary promotion.

Let’s get into the comments…

This Reddit user enjoyed the story.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

Another commenter had some things to say about managers.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

And this commenter thought the whole thing was, well, stupid!

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

You get what you ask for, and this person made sure everyone knew it!

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