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His Sister Asked His Girlfriend To Be A Bridesmaid And Help With The Wedding, But When She Changed Her Mind He Returned An Expensive Gift And Just Gave Her Money

by Michael Levanduski

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Weddings can be difficult to plan, which is why it is so important to be clear and keep track of all the ‘moving parts’ properly.

When this guy’s girlfriend was given conflicting information multiple times, it caused confusion and hurt feelings.

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AITA for not giving my sister the wedding gift she wanted because of how she treated my girlfriend?

My girlfriend Naomi and I have been together for over a decade.

My younger sister, Sarah, and my girlfriend have never been super close but are friendly when we get together, or I guess they were.

When Sarah was in high school Naomi helped her out with some personal things.

Sarah got married a few days ago.

What an honor!

When Sarah announced her engagement to the family she asked Naomi to be a bridesmaid, which surprised us a little but Naomi was very excited because she’s never gotten to do it before and probably won’t have the chance.

I want to be clear there was no suggestion from either of us Sarah should ask her, it was about two seconds after she told us she was engaged.

She said that she was so grateful to Naomi for the help when she was younger and Naomi was very touched.

Ok…That is weird.

A few weeks later Sarah posts her “bridesmaid proposals brunch”.

Naomi wasn’t there.

Sarah never said it to either of our faces directly but clearly she’d changed her mind.

Naomi was hurt but said she understood because she hadn’t expected the ask anyway.

Great! Maybe the bridesmaid brunch thing was an oversight?

That would have been fine, but then a few months later Sarah asks Naomi to go to the batchelorette party and also come get ready the day of with her friends and bridesmaids.

Same thing, Naomi says yes and even helped her find a good place to go and a rental.

Ok, once is maybe an accident, but this seems intentional.

A month and a half before the wedding I’m talking to my mom on the phone and she mentions that Sarah’s at her batchelorette.

No mention of it to Naomi.

Now I’m kind of pissed because Naomi was clearly very hurt at two invites and then being sort of ghosted.

This is giving me mental whiplash.

A week before the wedding Naomi texted Sarah and asked about getting ready and hair and makeup, and Sarah responds acting confused and basically tells her nicely to just come with me.

Then I was really pissed.

Sarah wanted this really expensive baking mixer thing for a long time and I got it for her for her wedding gift.

My mom had ruined the surprise so she expected it.

I can’t say that I blame him.

But after everything with Naomi I felt like being petty, and I cut her a check instead and returned the mixer.

A few days after the wedding Sarah texts me saying “I don’t know how to ask this but what happened to the mixer”.

And I responded I didn’t know how to ask but what happened to treating my gf like a freaking human being.

Now my brother and my new brother-in-law and my mom are all texting me saying “wtf” and that I’m ruining her happy time.

Naomi for her part says I probably shouldn’t have done that but she feels a little vindicated.


I can’t tell if this is just very poor communication from the sister, or if she is being vindictive for some reason.

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Come on sis, make up your mind!

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