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Loud Neighbor Told Her She’s Not Allowed On Her Property, So The Next Time They Were Having A Party She Called The Cops Instead

by Heide Lazaro

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If you want to throw a house party, no problem, as long as you don’t disturb your neighbors. And if someone complains about the noise, the decent thing to do is apologize and then try to keep it down, right?

But telling the neighbors to get off their property is clearly being rude.

Find out what OP did since she’s not “allowed” to step on the neighbor’s property.

As you wish…

A while back, I was renting a place when a new (also rental) neighbor moved in next door.

They then proceeded to throw a many-person party well into the night, ten feet from my bedroom wall.

Eventually, I went around and got them to turn the noise off.

The neighbor “banned” OP from her property.

A week later, they did it again, waking me up this time, and I was around there again.

Some days later, the new neighbor was on my doorstep, ranting at me for daring to tell her what to do, and told me I wasn’t allowed on “her” property again.

Fine. As you wish. I shall not set foot on that property again.

OP looked for a solution to her problem.

So I did some research.

I found the old ad for her rental and contacted her real estate agent for advice.

I walked into the local police station and got their advice.

On the combined advice, I contacted the local town council, and got even more advice.

All of this advice basically came down to: if it happens again, call the council, the agent, or the police.

And naturally, I wouldn’t want to get Ms. Noiseworx in any kind of legal trouble, would I? Now, so of course I would be trying to report in roughly that order of preference.

And once again, the neighbor threw another loud party.

Predictably, the neighbor, having decided that I had been put in my place, threw yet another into-the-morning party.

And true to the advice I had been given, I called the council, who, for some reason, didn’t pick up the phone at 3 am.

Neither did the agent.

And, you know, if I had been allowed to go knock on her door, I would have, but she’d taken that possibility off the table.

She finally called the cops.

So, onto the last option…

After the cops had been called out to break up her violations of the local noise ordinance regulations a further six times on separate occasions, and all the details forwarded on to the agent and council each time, things got very quiet for a few weeks.

The loud, insensitive neighbor has been evicted.

Then, one day shortly after, I had the lovely experience of having one of the officers come to my door and ask if I knew anything about a homeless guy who had been squatting in that very same house…

…because the former tenant had been evicted. Something about noise violations.

(And honestly, the squatting homeless guy was so quiet I never even knew he was there. A++ would recommend as a neighbor.)

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Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

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If you don’t want her to be on your property, then how about call the cops instead?

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