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Mail Carrier Threw Their Package Because She Was Afraid Of Their Dogs, So They Made A Complaint To Her Office After She Dared Them To

by Matthew Gilligan

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Just like a good mechanic, a good dentist, or a good doctor, a good mail carrier is hard to find!

And it can be frustrating if you have one who doesn’t want to put any effort into giving you your packages.

Read on and see how this person handled a mail person who should probably start looking for a different job.

Scream, swear, and throw my package at me? Go make a complaint? Don’t mind if I do.

“I was in the kitchen cleaning it and all the dishes to help my mother out since I’m back from university (Take some of the stress of her day away for her).

It was a nice sunny day my dogs are outside on their leads made of steel aircraft cable. My dogs are Japanese Akitas and we make their leads out of this cable because they are strong dogs and chew through everything else.

These leads we make will last a few years before needing to be replaced. I had actually recently replaced all three leads the day before this happened.

They put a lot of time and effort into these leashes…

These leads are attached by a loop to a solid steel pole that is placed 4 feet into the ground and held in place by cement filling the hole. The poles extend about 6 feet above the ground from there. Meaning the lead can be lifted off when the grass needs to be cut but it is too high for the loop to come off it.

Two of these are in the backyard and one is in the front yard. My driveway is stone with only a small section by the door being concrete usually I stand there for packages as the stones aren’t pleasant to walk on and its usually pointless to put shoes on as the regular mail lady just comes to the door.

The driveway comes up to the side of the house in such a way that you can see Titan. But he is about 20-30 feet from said driveway and the lead ends well before the driveway, in a clearly defined circle of where he can reach.

Titan is a big softie.

He’s a big dog I mean 131 pounds big. That said he is a 131 pound lapdog (I have a picture of him somewhere trying to sit on my lap) and is extremely friendly around people and other dogs. But he especially likes people he’s a really big suck.

Our regular mail lady retired while I was away at university. So this was my first time dealing with the new one.

So anyway I’m working on the dishes and my dogs are chilling in the shade of their dog houses. I started to notice the Titan getting agitated and barking. This is when I wondered why he was agitated.

What’s this?

When, I kid you not, I hear someone in the driveway wailing on the horn. I mean full hand pressed right down as hard as possible on it.

It must have been at least a good 30 seconds before I noticed it over the tv show. (We get coyotes, so I figured one was in the field or something hence why I didn’t notice the sound sooner)

So I’m wondering what the hell is going on its like 10 am and what could possible be going on in my driveway to need to lay on a car horn for so long. (My driveway is fairly long and big enough for school buses to turn around in).

So I walk over to the door, the entire time this car horn is being held down, to figure out what the hell is going on. Turns out its the mail lady that is delivering a package for my mother.

Keep in mind I was having a pretty good day I mean I was cleaning all of the kitchen just because I was in a good mood(I know weird but anyway).

Keep it down!

So she doesn’t stop the horn till I open the door I’m annoyed because A) we got a doorbell and B) she could come and just knock on the door. Both would have been infinitely better then laying on the horn.

BML will stand for ***** mail lady and Me will be me.

BML: Im not getting out of my car till you bring those dogs in.

Me: Its perfectly safe he can’t reach you and he’s a big suck despite his size. He was just annoyed at the car horn and…..

At this point Titan went back to relaxing in the shade now that this lady was no longer wailing on her car horn and was drifting back to sleep. Having stop the evil car horn.


I’m a little taken aback by this but just chalked it up to some people aren’t comfortable around big dogs. Mind you he wasn’t anywhere near her or her car to begin with.

But I shrugged it off and try to explain its safe to come to the door not wanting to walk down the driveway barefoot and not wanting her to just drive off without delivering the package too me (had a big problem with this while I was at university).

Me: He is attached to steel aircraft cable. It’s perfectly safe he can’t brea….


This was getting old…

Now I’m getting annoyed at this point between the car horn blaring getting my dogs all riled up and her screaming at me and cutting me off as I tried to reassure her.

I’m a pretty relaxed guy so it takes a lot to set me off. Also at this point she had gotten out of her car and went to her passenger side for the package.

Me: Are you going to be here for a few years?


Screaming and swearing at me that’s strike two.

Me: Well then you got nothing to worry about since I just replaced the leads and they are brand new. They won’t be getting through anytime soon.

She realized I wasn’t about to move and walk over to her and kinda huffed and grabbed the package and started walking towards me grumbling the entire way. Now if this had ended here I would have just let it slide unless it became a reoccurring issue.

Then she did it…

As soon as she was within two feet of me she threw, not dropped, at me causing me to take a step back to avoid being hit by the box. (neither of which would have been acceptable especially 2 feet away).

At this point I had enough I had been screamed at, cussed at, cut off, and finally had the package thrown at me on top of her attitude.

Me: Are you kidding me?

BML: What?

I guess she was not use to people standing up to her **** or wasn’t expecting me I would but I had enough of how I was being treated.

Me: You just threw that package at me instead of handing it to me when I’m only two feet away from you.

BML: No, I didn’t I dropped it.

Me: No, you threw it at me.

At this point she resumes screaming at me


She then got back into her car and drove off.

Okay, I’ll do that!

So I decided I will call her office and leave a complaint. Because what BML didn’t know is there are security cameras all along the outside of my house and it was all caught on tape.

I go to the NVR which runs the cameras. To make a copy of the video from multiple angles and different cameras to show everything clearly and download it to a USB.

Then I went inside to my computer and pulled up the mail service she works for and called their number.

When someone picked up I asked to speak to a manager about BML and got transferred to the route manager or something of that sort for my area.

I proceed to explain what had just happened and what my address was so he knew who she was. The manager apologized and said they have received multiple complaints about her and that he would speak with her.

I then asked him if he would like security camera footage of it all happening and if he would like me to bring it in for him or email him it.

He said he would and I drove over later that day and handed him the USB. He shook my hand apologized for what happened and thanked me for the footage of it.

She was definitely out of line.

I’ll never forget the face on BML when she saw me walking out and shaking hands with her boss before he called her in. I guess she also never expected me to actually make a complaint.

Since then they assigned a new mailman my route and I haven’t seen her since. I can only assume she was fired based on the numerous previous complaints, plus mine with the footage, and the oh **** look on her face when she saw me.”

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Sounds like that lady needs to find a new line of work.

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